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Do You Know How DUI Attorneys Can Help You Save Your License?  Learn What They Will Instruct You To Do To Help Preserve Your Driving Privileges.

If you’re facing a DUI in Silver Spring , Maryland one of your biggest concerns will preserving your driving privileges.

With the help of experienced  DUI attorneys, you can begin that process by following a few simple steps…

  • Work with your defense lawyers to retrieve the Officer’s Certification, as well as the Order of Suspension.
  • Get your DUI attorney’s assistance in completing the back of the second page that reads “Hearing Request Copy”.
  • Send a $125 check made payable to “Maryland State Treasurer” via certified mail to the address on the form.

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You don’t need the help of drunk driving attorneys to complete this paperwork. But you may need the skill and experience of a Silver Spring DUI attorney to obtain supporting documents – and to assemble the best possible defense.

It is extremely important that you send your hearing request paperwork and payment within ten days of your arrest. If you wait more than 30 days, your defense lawyers may not be able to help you retain your driving privileges.

Enlist the assistance of an experienced DUI attorney. Call (301) 262-7005 today.

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