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Being a restaurant owner and a direct mail advertiser, I appreciated receiving Albert Alpert's DUI REPORT in the mail. It definitely stood out from the rest of the junk attorney mail clutter that bombarded my mailbox after my DUI/DWI charge became public record.

I especially liked that Mr Alpert was very aggressive on entertaining the "Not Guilty" proclamation. His experience navigating all the information available of record, on discovery, and literally "on the fly" is worth every extra dime you might pay for his services.

I sought out the best to represent me and was not let down, not even a smidgen. I received the best and had the most desirable outcome one could wish for.

I am thankful that Mr. Alpert invests in his professional image. That is what attracted me to his practice. When the dust settled, choosing Mr. Alpert is what gave me and my situation the best advantage and results. -Anonymous Restaurateur and Entrepreneur
Mr. Saleh took my case over the phone because I lived out of state... Because of him one mistake did not ruin my life and government career. I will highly recommend his services to government and civilian employee who know what a conviction could mean! D. C.
“Mr. Alpert is an excellent attorney!! I would highly recommend him to others for representation in their legal matters...."

"....You took care of me in a big way - no points off my license and best of all - no jail time, no probation before judgment & ultimately, no conviction! You are the best!”

"You serve your profession well, and I would refer you without hesitation. You take pride in your service to your clients, and I once again thank you for the excellent service."

"Mr. Alpert has handled my case of DUI/DWI with such professionalism. He was so calm and collected knowing I was on my second DUI……Simply said, the man is awesome."

"I was impressed by Andrew Alpert and his knowledge of DUI laws and his ability in the Courtroom. He and his staff made me feel comfortable that I was being represented by the best……”

“I want to thank you with my sincerest gratitude, as you have saved my military career as well as my life. I did not even dream such an outcome would occur! The outcome could not have been better....”

"I can't express to you in words how very grateful our family is to your law firm. You action and results far exceeded our expectations. We cannot thank you enough….."

"If it wasn’t for Andrew D. Alpert I would have had a tough time seeking a career within the criminal justice field. Mr. Alpert made it possible for me to move on with my life without a DUI/DWI conviction on my record....."

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