Two Calvert County Recent Drug Arrests Made

Two Calvert County Recent Drug Arrests MadeThe Calvert County criminal defense attorneys at the firm of Alpert Schreyer know that being charged with a drug crime is a serious matter that can impact your future for a lifetime.

As reported by, a Calvert County deputy observed a subject stopped at a red light allegedly inhaling a substance from a glass smoking device. The observation occurred at 5:28 p.m. The Calvert County deputy was in the process of conducting seat belt enforcement at southbound Maryland Route 4 and West Dares Beach Road. After a traffic stop was made, both the driver, age 20, from Huntingtown and a passenger, age 19, from Chesapeake Beach were arrested and charged with possession of marijuana (an amount less than 10 grams) and use of drug paraphernalia.

In a separate incident, a deputy witnessed a man in Solomon’s Roy Rogers restaurant who was allegedly having trouble maintaining balance and stumbling in an attempt to get up from his seat. The deputy made contact with the subject, age 28, suspecting he was under the influence. The man was reportedly discovered by the arresting officer to be in possession of illegal drugs. The man was placed under arrest and charged with possession of heroin and the use of drug paraphernalia; a folded piece of paper used to store the heroin.

The Calvert County criminal defense attorneys at the firm of Alpert Schreyer believe that everyone who is arrested and charged with a drug crime deserves a fair trial, to have his or her rights protected, and to protect his or her future. If you have been charged with committing a drug crime in Southern Maryland, don’t go it alone. Contact one of our experienced criminal defense attorneys by calling F:P:Site:Phone}. We offer a free case evaluation.

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