What’s the Penalty for Driving with a Suspended License After a DUI?


WHAT’S THE PENALTY FOR DRIVING WITH A SUSPENDED LICENSE AFTER A DUIIf you’re arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and later convicted of DUI, you face a number of serious consequences. Not only are have you been found guilty of committing a crime which will result in fines, potential jail time, and a criminal record, but you also face various sanctions against you from the Maryland MVA. These typically include points on your license as well as a suspension of your driving privileges ranging from a few months for a first offense to significantly longer periods of time for subsequent convictions. During the course of your license suspension, you might be tempted to drive your vehicle even though it is against the law for you to do so.

Being Caught driving with a Suspended License can Further Increase your Punishment

Driving with a suspended license is a serious offense and if caught, the officer who pulled you over can take you to jail. In the state of Maryland, this offense is punishable by a year in jail as well as substantial fines on top of any penalties, jail time, costs and license suspension that you face for your DUI conviction. Driving with the knowledge that your license is suspended is a criminal offense and, if you are caught, you face significant penalties even for a first offense. Subsequent offenses come with cumulative punishments, meaning even more fines and longer jail time.

What else can you do?

During your suspension period, even if you’re driving to a court-mandated alcohol education program or to work you can still receive additional punishments for failure to comply with your suspension. If public transportation isn’t conducive to your schedule, you might be able to receive a restricted license. A restricted license, otherwise known as an occupational or work license, allows you limited driving privileges. This type of license, while imposing strict limitations, will usually allow you to drive to and from work or school, as well as other places such as your doctor’s office or to court-mandated programs.

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