Can a DUI Affect my Teaching Career?

CAN A DUI AFFECT MY TEACHING CAREERDUI convictions are always bad news. For educators, a DUI conviction can result in more consequences than the standard the defendant might receive. People set the bar higher for teachers because they hold such influence over the children under their care. A DUI conviction, or sometimes even just the charges themselves, can result in negative impacts on educators’ careers.


The conviction of a single DUI is often not enough to warrant action from the Maryland State Department of Education. While you may be able to hold on to your certifications, the stigma of even a DUI charge may result in repercussions from your school district and community. The unfortunate truth is that teachers are held accountable to more than just the law.

When it comes to their children’s well being, groups of parents are known to demand that school districts dismiss teachers. Just charges alone, call into question the circumstances surrounding your case. Accusations may still lead to an outcry from the local community. Community opinion is one of the reasons having a skilled attorney is vital. Not only will they work with you for the best possible outcome in the eyes of the law, but they can often help with public perception of the case.


The situation gets more serious for those with additional charges or aggravating factors tied to their DUI charges. Cases involving injury, fatalities, or property damage are more likely to see negative actions taken by the Maryland State Department of Education. Even additional charges, such as driving without a license, are more likely to land you in hot water.

Because of their more serious nature, DUI charges with additional factors, or multiple DUI charges, are likely to lead to the certification suspension. Sometimes, this is for a limited period of time, but it may be indefinitely. An experienced lawyer can help to reduce the potential consequences of your DUI case.

If you are an educator or teacher facing DUI charges, contact an attorney immediately. The skilled professionals at Alpert Schreyer LLC have years of experience in Maryland DUI cases. Contact us today at (301) 708-0277 or using our online contact form to put us on your side.

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