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Client Testimonials

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5 Anonymous

I will start with saying that before I found and called Jason Miller at Alpert Schreyer Attorney’s Office, I was distraught to say the least. The night before I had been pulled over and arrested for 6 charges to include the suspicion of DUI/DWI.  I called at 7am and by 7:30am Jason promptly called me back. After explaining exactly what happened, Jason was able to instantly put my mind at ease to an extent. He provided me with valid information of what to expect, a solid plan to move forward, and most importantly, he was compassionate to my situation and a great voice of reason in my time of need.

As you can imagine, this process was a long and drawn out one at no fault of Jason’s, just the judiciary system moves at a snail’s pace. Jason used this time wisely to build my case and meet with me several times through Zoom, and in person to continuously keep me in the loop. He gave essential advice and guidance to ensure we used that time wisely to build the best case possible. I appreciated that he answered all of my questions promptly, truthfully, and without hesitation especially since my legal experience consisted of watching law and order and suits so I was clueless. They had me do “My Homework” as they call it which was a series of classes and counseling sessions again to ensure the absolute best outcome regardless of the way the trial ended up.

Several days prior to the trial Jason and I met and he was able to provide me a very good sense as to what I could expect during trial, and gave me example questions that I may face on the stand. This ensured I was better prepared for anything that may arise in the heat of the trial which again set my mind at ease as at a bare minimum. Throughout the whole experience, I felt there was a solid plan and Jason was the perfect man to execute that plan. 

On the day of the trial, we met at the courthouse, and once again, Jason provided me with a reassuring rundown of what to expect, which helped ease my nerves. As the trial commenced, I was immediately struck by Jason’s masterful control of the narrative, reaffirming that I had indeed made the best decision in hiring him as my legal representative.  From the start, Jason meticulously deconstructed the prosecution’s case with the precision of a seasoned surgeon.  Piece by piece, he skillfully dismantled their evidence, prompting the judge to dismiss multiple charges from the array I had been facing—ranging from DUI and DWI to reckless driving, negligent driving, and excessive speeding.  I felt as if I were a character in a legal thriller, with Jason as the star defense attorney of the show. When both the prosecution and defense eventually rested their cases, the judge ruled in my favor, finding me not guilty of all charges except for a significantly reduced speeding violation. After enduring a four-month ordeal that consumed my life and took a toll on my mental well-being, I emerged with nothing more than a speeding ticket.

This remarkable outcome can be attributed solely to Jason’s exceptional knowledge, his extensive experience as a former prosecutor, his meticulous approach to navigating the complexities of the legal system, his unwavering attention to detail, his flawless execution, and, most importantly, his dedication to me as his client, ensuring that I never felt alone throughout this challenging journey. Words cannot express how grateful my family and I are for finding Jason and his team at Alpert Schreyer Attorney’s Office and I highly recommend them if you unfortunately find yourself in a similar situation.

5 Anonymous

Working with the Alpert Schreyer Law Firm was a very positive experience.  The Schreyer team walked me through every step and informed me on what was needed and/or what was going to happen next.  Jason Miller was the actual lawyer that handled my case,  my family and I were very impressed with him and extremely satisfied with the end results.  I will recommend and have already recommend this firm.  Thank you Jason!

5 Anonymous

Jason Miller is hands down the absolute best! He is incredibly knowledgeable, well respected within the legal community, down to earth and understanding. I had a DUI/DWI/Negligent Driving, Speeding, and a few other charges and by the time we left the courthouse, he was able to have everything reduced to a lesser charge and no points on my license, he took the time after court to wait with me and fill out the paperwork to have everything expunged. Throughout the entire process, he took the time to explain each step and was available 24/7.

5 Wendy Watson via google

My experience with Mr Berman was better than expected. He made me feel very safe. He was extremely thorough with representing my case. Mr Berman never backed down and was very aggressive in defending me. I would highly recommend him to defend anyone that needs help. I am eternally grateful for everything you’ve done.

5 Raja S via google

Attorneys Alpert, Berman, and their staff help guide those of us caught up in circumstances that are ultimately under our control … first, by pointing out how to regain some control, then by guiding us so we never have to deal with such situations again (using our own self-determination). I am very happy with my outcome. Andrew Alpert contributes to the field of knowledge and contemporary practice standards based on science. This team is definitely worth it! They worked closely with me, gave me honest and sensible advice, and they really secured a good outcome for me. Highly recommended.

5 Bill Neibel via google

I could not possibly recommend a better attorney! I am from out of state and was looking at a second DUI(my first was in 1998). I witnessed several people with similar charges that had hired attorneys to represent them. They all got huge fines, probation and in one case 30 days in jail with no priors. Andrew was well prepared and got my charges dropped and expunged all within the span of 2 hours. If anyone has ever been told that you get what you pay for, this is one of those cases! Thanks again Andrew. I can not thank you enough! I can finally breathe again.

5 Lil Peezy via google

Would definitely recommend if you’re in a DUI situation. Precise steps were given to achieve my desired outcome. Front receptionist and everyone involved was very professional. I was in front of the judge for about 15 seconds. Case dismissed

5 Vamsidhar Bhagavathula via google

If I could fit another star then I would. Five stars don’t do justice to Andrew. He is an amazing lawyer.

5 Russell Dneale via google

The best money can buy you want your freedom this is your man worth EVERY PENNY!!!!!!

5 Curtis Willingham via google

Back in Feb 2021, I was charged with a DUI. After consulting a few firms I choose Alpert Schreyer & Poe. Mainly because their team put my worry at ease and provided me with step by step guidance on how to prepare for my day in court. When my day in court arrived we were far more prepared than the State. So much that they chose not to try the case and it was thrown out. Be that as it may I was presented with the same charges a month before my speedy trial date expired (suspicious right). Without question Alpert Schreyer & Poe took on my case again free of charge which I will be forever grateful for. Mike Berman took on my second case and fought miraculously. On my court date which we were thoroughly prepared for, my trial was postponed. Mike went above and beyond. He actually got ahold of the State’s Attorney, got my case dismissed, when back to the court house, got my disposition signed & filed, and I am now getting this DUI expunged from my record.

5 Richard Ednie via google

My attorney, Chris, was great! He guided me through the entire process of my personal injury case and I was very satisfied with the outcome. Donna, the paralegal assigned to my case couldn’t have been better. Donna kept me informed and answered all of my questions. Very responsive. I would definitely recommend this firm.

5 Kenneth Thornton via google

This is not the first time that I need it the services of Alpert Schreyer Poe law firm . I had a previous DUI charge not even three months ago and got another one and that’s what brought me back. In each case ,the law firm came through for me after having three DUIs. The law firm was able to talk to the states attorney and all I received was the ankle bracelet and breathalyzer in two years probation. I highly recommend this law firm. They seem to care about their clients more than just hours on a job. If there’s anyone that needs trouble that I can help I would give them the card that they gave me which was a lifesaver. A very special thanks to Michael Berman who performed outstanding.

5 To Pe via google

Based on reviews I contacted Mr. Michael Berman’s firm after I received four first-time DUI-related charges (DUI, DUI per se, DWI and DUI-drugs) in Maryland. After initially speaking with para-legal staff at his office I received a call the same day from Mr. Berman to discuss my case. Mr. Berman and his team immediately set about mitigating the awful situation I found myself in. This started with Mr. Berman’s team assigning me homework and the superb para-legal staff ensuring that I submitted the time-sensitive and necessary paperwork required to avoid automatic license suspension. After I completed the required homework and as trial loomed, Mr. Berman successfully negotiated with the prosecutor to the effect that my four charges were dropped and I plead guilty to Reckless Driving. This was a best-case scenario result for me, and I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Berman and his amazing team to anyone misfortunate enough to require an attorney to combat DUI-related charges.

5 Arie Mcg via google

I want to thank everyone from the Alpert Schreyer team for helping me with my case. Kerri was very helpful, attentive and responsive with my case in organizing and getting all the information over my attorney Mike Berman who also helped me get my case dismissed which I was very pleased with. Please consider Alpert Schreyer, I had a great experience with them and you will too.

5 Chanise Tumlin via google

I’ve been a client of this law firm for three years and their service has been wonderful. Mr. Berman is a great guy and has the best interest for your case. The team provides you with updates and quality referrals to get the treatment you need to get better. Thank you to everyone on the team for your amazing service!

5 Jamal Hayden via google

Where do I start? My lawyer Michael Berman is the best, I am blown away by his integrity and all the hard work he did on my behalf. Also, all the care and concern he have shown me, and for working tirelessly to ensure that the law worked in our favor. Thank you for representing me in Michael! Thank you for your help, determination, analytical skills, and hard work. I appreciate that you didn’t give up on me or my case and that you arranged mediation to resolve the matter quickly out of court. I would not hesitate to recommend your firm to anyone in need of a sound lawyer. Thank you again!

5 Viair Myles via google

The attorney’s and paralegals are incredible. They are truly committed to understanding your case and serving you. However, I’ve personally worked with Mr. Berman and Mrs. Bowman through my entire process! I am so grateful for their passion, dedication, and professionalism. I haven’t worked with many attorney’s in the past, but I’m glad you all were recommended to me. You all are truly the best. Thank you so much!

5 Indeo Ragsdale via google

Michael Berman is a hands down one of the most dedicated and hard working lawyers out there. From the first day he got on the case him and his team made me feel secure and I trusted him 100% through out this entire process. From making phone calls to check on my health to keeping me informed with any new information, Mr. Berman and his team ensured they they kept communication open even though I am living across the country. I am lucky to have had a lawyer who cared as much and I’d recommend him time and time again to anyone who asks.

5 Ken Milligan via google

I had a very complicated DUI case with multiple offenses on my record. Mr. Berman took the time to get to know me and provided a comprehensive treatment plan to help build a positive impression for the judge as well as help me better myself. The outcome of the case was very positive and I was very pleased.

5 Obi A via google

March 2019, a series of bad decisions lead to me being charged with A DUI and possession of drug paraphernalia. I thought my life was over, I honestly did not see how the situation could be resolved without major parts of my life being ruined. To make matters worse, the police seized my car and phone because they suspected I was a drug dealer. Needless to say I needed a lawyer but not just any lawyer. I needed a great lawyer and I needed one fast. At this point I did what most of us would do, I googled ‘DUI lawyers in Maryland’. The list was exhausting and I spent a good amount of time calling a few firms but none made a connection with me. I was always hurried off the phone after they collected data and was promised a call from an actual attorney. I eventually ended up on AVVO, a site that rates the top lawyers in the area. I focused on the top 3 firms because I wanted the best. Alpert Schreyer, LLC immediately stood out because attorney Andrew Alpert was a former DUI prosecutor and the other lawyers at the firm had interned and/or clerked for current Maryland judges. Basically the knew the system. I called them up and their data collection process went a long in convincing me I was on the right path. I was given helpful information and reassured that my situation was as bad as I thought. I got a call back in a matter of minutes not days. Arya was the lawyer assigned to my case. After going over my best and worse case scenarios he assured me he would get me the best possible outcome. However, he asked me not to commit to hiring him until I read the firms reviews. They were all glowing so I called back to commit. His price was not cheap but I wanted the best and was willing to pay. He gave me a game plan, a series of actions which I followed to a T. He also helped resolve my car and phone situation. I was not a drug dealer and there was absolutely nothing in either my car or phone to say otherwise and the cops knew it. They were just being arrogant. My first court date came and Arya didn’t like the judge and prosecutor so he requested a continuance. This allowed him time to file to merge the DUI and possession cases so they could be cleared with a single judgement. This was very important because both cases lumped together were easier to litigate than two separate cases. The second court date came and the cases had not been merged even though the paperwork had been filed to do so, plus Arya didn’t like the prosecutor so he asked for another continuance. The judge granted the continuance but let us know no other continuances would be granted. During the third court date the cases still had not been merged but Arya was somehow able to convince the judge to grant one more continuance. However, if the cases were not merged by the next court date we had no choice but litigate them separately which was not good. Guess what? The next court date came and the cases still were not merged so we had to handle the DUI first and wait for another date for the possession case. Arya was quickly able to negotiate a PBJ with only 1 point on my license. I was more than happy with this outcome but guess what? The officer didn’t show to court so the entire case was thrown out. I guess he got tired of showing up. During the possession case Andy (the owner of the firm) was able to negotiate a deal with the prosecutor and that case resulted in all charges being dropped. This outcome was solely based on me following the game plan Arya had laid out for me. The game plan made me take responsibility for my actions and helped me deal with the issues that resulted in these charges even before I ever stood before a judge. According to my records, the DUI and possession charges never happened. It took almost a year to resolve but I can’t argue with results. The entire process was extremely expensive too but well worth it. I would highly recommend the firm to anyone with a DUI problem. In addition, I am definitely a better person after going through this situation with the assistance of this firm. I can’t thank them enough.

5 Carlus Flowers II via google

My attorney Mr. Berman was a great help to me in my case. He was great at knowing what was needed from me in order for the case to go right. He also was able to get my case dismissed.

5 Joe C via google

I would like to thank Arya Saleh with the Alpert Schreyer, LLC. I was charged with my second DUI in the state of Maryland as a resident of another state. I consulted with many lawyers in the county of Frederick as I knew a local lawyer was best suited for my case. Out of all the consultations, Arya took the time to seriously review my circumstances prior to me signing on. He was very specific in what he requested of me to best help my situation. I am grateful for his direction as he was able to get me the most favorable charge I possibly could have. No jail time or supervised probation! His knowledge of the local court system and its dynamics was paramount to our success. He was easy to communicate with and treated my case with great detail and attention. Being out of state we only communicated remotely until my first appearance. Once in court, his performance spoke for itself and I knew that I had picked the right lawyer. If you are charged in the state of Maryland it is in your best interest to at least consult with Arya. I know that I’m beyond grateful that I did.

5 Luke Kreis via google

Hiring Mr Alpert was was a great decision and will never use another lawyer again. I’ve had many. But he was by FAR the best hands down. I was headed down a road that lead to 2 felony drug charges and didn’t know what to do. I chose Mr Alpert to represent me in court because of his experience and assurance. he was very professional about how we can handle my case and move forward to a better outcome. The firm was great and helped me out alot through the process that I wasn’t familiar with. After a lot of work on myself and Mr Alpert working with the court I am very happy with the outcome and glad he had my back. Oh and NO jail time! Instead Im in drug court which I did not want to do at first. But I realized I needed to change. And sitting in jail wasn’t going to help.

5 Aldo B via google

It is with the utmost respect and appreciation I send this testimonial. I am so grateful for what Mr. Alpert and his associates have accomplished for me in and out of the courtroom last week. I want to take this time to say thank you for your truly exceptional work. After being arrested for my fourth DUI, we discussed my options and developed our defense strategy. At 41 years old, I faced certain jail time, the loss of my career and possibly my family. Your positive optimism and genuine concern was very reassuring and made me feel more comfortable sorting through all the possible outcomes. Even with so much against me, you not only had the charges reduced, but effectively kept me out of jail. I truly feel I got the best outcome possible for my case. I highly recommend Alpert Schreyer, LLC. Very professional, goes above and beyond for their clients. Truly a blessing to my family! Thank you so much for your dedication and wisdom in literally saving my life.

5 Lexi Martinez via google

I was very anxious and stressed about my case at first but my anxiety and stress was very quickly silenced by the confidence and professionalism of Christian Hartman and his team! I’m so thankful for Keri Olivero and her quick responses to all the questions I had throughout my case! She made everything very easy to manage and understand. Christian Hartman was very honest with me and made sure I knew all the possibilities that could happen so I felt prepared. My case went beyond what I could’ve hoped for I got the best possible outcome avoided jail time and any extra fees. I can’t express how grateful I am for their hard work and they are worth every single penny you give them! Do what they ask you to and trust they will take care of the rest. You are in good hands!!!

5 Tracy Michael via google

Christian Hartman and his law firm gave me the advice that I needed in order to present a strong case in court. I followed their instructions and they held my hand through the entire process. I would recommend him and this law firm to anyone in need of legal assistance. They kept me out of jail and I left court without having to pay any fines. I was facing two years in jail with at least $5000 in fines. This law firm is a power force to have behind you in your time of need.

5 King Quis via google

After talking to different firms I wasn’t confident in their services until I called Alpert Schreyer, LLC. Christian Hartman made me feel confident after consultation. Gave me my mitigation homework and they always there for any questions I had, thanks Keri Olivero. I was facing serious DUI/DWI charges with a very bad accident with another vehicle in which the car caught fire Also high BAC. I thought my life was over. Everything I worked for was done. Also thought I would lose my family. On court day Mr. Hartman was confident and wasn’t accepting no plea as he found faults in the arrest and sobriety testing. Mr. Hartman worked hard for me in court. I Didn’t have to say a word. Cross examination the arresting officer he had him not sure of anything. Left the DA and the Judge speechless. He’s very professional and highly knowledgeable. After it was said and done all charges and tickets against me was dismissed. I had to hold back tears of joy and relief. Thank you Mr. Hartman and the entire staff. You guys are AMAZING and a LIFESAVER. Your worth every cent! Glad I hired this firm.

5 Shiro Rye via google

The staff are so caring and professional. They do check ins and make sure everything is going well for the court date. I was so blessed to get off and Mr. Alpert gave me insight into changing my behavior lol. It’s a little pricey but a stress free life is priceless, I would pay it again! Thank you!

5 Moyosoore Bode-Omoleye via google

Where do I start? These guys are just superb. My journey with this law firm started when I had a situation where there was some form of abuse of power. They prepared me to have an airtight case with assignments that I had to complete before the court date. Even though I had anxiety like never before I had faith that the reviews I had read about Alpert Shreyer had to be real due to their detailed nature. Come court date, I tell you that the prosecutor was scared at the mere sight of Andy Alpert and guess what?, all charges were dropped! It was like magic. Not saying all cases would be like mine but I was certain that Andy was fully prepared for a trial. Best advice I can give to anyone reading this in need for legal help, MONEY WELL SPENT!

5 Ben Moreno via google

After having to go to court for a traffic infraction I was very frustrated and overwhelmed. I was able to find the Alpert Schreyer Law firm online, and once I got in contact with them I immediately knew they meant business. They made the process as easy and seamless as possible, treating me with the utmost respect and professionalism. My attorney, Andy Alpert, laid out a plan to follow in order to get the best possible judgement. In which I indeed did! He knew exactly what to do and say securing me with the best judgement and allowing me to leave the courtroom in relief. This outcome saved me a lot of time and stress, and I don’t want to know where I would be without Alpert Schreyer representing me.

5 Tyshia Oliver via google

If I can give Alpert Schreyer, LLC firm 10 stars i would! I highly recommend this firm to anyone that needs the best attorneys in the world! I had the opportunity to have two amazing attorneys in Maryland for two of my DUI/DWI cases (4th and 5th) My guys Andy and Christian are phenomenal and very smart! When I say excellent service , beyond knowledgeable about the system i was truly a blessing to help me along this tough journey due to my poor decision! I had the best outcome for both cases! You have to do the work they give you and you have to want to do it ! My mitigation binder was a mixture or VIP classes/ AA Slips/ Receipts/ Character Letters/ IOP Certificate/ Personal Bio/ Resume/ Career Certificates/ i know it sounds like a lot but you must do it because that’s one of your golden tickets! My 4th case from 12/2020 that was close 5/2022 I had to do some time which was actually 19 days I was there. I was Sentenced 1 year suspended all but 30 (good time 11 days was taking off) and was giving 5 years probation with me also adding the interlock back into my car! When I say this was literally the best outcome honestly for that Judiciary i was in! I don’t know how many times I told Andy I was scared and I needed the best outcome ! I trusted him and updated him on everything! Andy did a fantastic job with this cases gave me all the tools I needed and I completed them! Andy is a shape guy he is so easy to talk to ! He is very clear on what he can do for you and he doesn’t sugar code anything ! My 5th case was February of this year I got pulled over for another traffic violation while also having an open case from 2020 that wasn’t resolved yet due to several court dates being postpone. Christian was very professional and personable throughout this whole entire case. He literally answered all my calls besides one lol. I was extremely thankful for all of his support. Christian action plan at my bail review was for me to do a 30 day Inpatient Treatment and also get on HM and on top of all the work I was doing for my 4th case that Andy gave me. When I say my outcome for this case was amazing. I was sentences 1 year suspended all I was able to get time served for the time I was on HM (4 months and a couple of weeks) with 3 year’s probation. Keri , Ms Sandy and Ms Najmah thank you so much for all the support taking ALL my phone calls and faxes and emails ! These ladies are simply amazing! Keep up the great work ! Thank you Andy and Christian once again for showing up for my 110% with all my court dates and providing excellent legal services!

5 Martin Loucas via google

Based off reviews and they were one of the few firms that did not send advertising mailers. Michael Berman’s team was diligent and attentive. They soothed my anxieties and reassured me everything was going to be alright. Mr Berman and his team set me up with a list of tasks to complete and supported me the whole way. I was not convicted on my charges and had the optimum outcome. Mike was honest and realistic and kept me abreast the whole time. I would absolutely recommend Mr Berman and his firm to anyone who was in need of representation. Thank you again and I will never forget it!

5 Lee Miller via google

Christin Hartman was very professional. He gained my trust and respect after our first conversation. He always kept clear lines of communication with me as well as updates for changes as it relatedd to my case. Everything he told me he would do, he did!! Most importantly he believed me and believed in my innocence and Because of his determination justice was served and I am forever grateful.

5 Sunny Patidar via google

When I first got charged with a DUI, I thought I was going to lose everything. But,mr Christian Hartman assured me he would fight so I could have the best outcome. He gave me instructions on what to do prior to court to prepare myself. And when in court, Mr Hartman represented me in a professional manner. He knew the ins and outs of the court system and found a way to get me an exceptional outcome. I can’t recommend his service enough.I recommend Alpert achreyer . Please if you have DUI charges contact only mr Hartman.

5 Oagordon via google

In Sep of 2020, my life came to an halt. I was being faced with multiple charges and then some, after being in an car accident. Knowing what I had at stake: family, career, clearance, etc… I immediately began my quest to find representation, realizing this was a serious matter. After googling, screening multiple lawyers and firms, I can honestly say I have read over a 100+ reviews before coming to my decision, one that was well worth it. After my search was completed, I contacted Mr Berman and the Alpert Schreyer & Poe law firm , immediately I felt at home they were welcoming, professional and very experienced with over 30+ years in these kind of cases. I didn’t hesitate to retain them, they explained the process and assured me they worked as a team to get the best possible outcome for any case. Shortly after I received my mitigation plan, the infamous “Homework” lol funny now but it works, and if you follow the outline to the T you only makes your defense that much stronger. Once all that was done we received the first court date which was postponed, a second that was continued, so I guess the third times a charm. A week before court I spoke to Mr Berman to get the final run through of what the day would be like and to see if I had any further questions for him before trial. Morning of trial we met 30 min before our scheduled hearing time to again go through the plan of action and to see if I had any final concerns/questions, he was well prepared. Really nice guy, smooth as butter. Our case was then called and though he’s a very nice guy he went into battle mode and to say the least I was amazed and slightly dumb struck at the way he performed. The whole court was amazed. The way how he paid attention to the smallest details and dissect the case to a skeleton, he left nothing out, he really knows the law and is very much comfortable going to trial to fight for you. In the end after Mr Berman’s outstanding representation, my case was ultimately dismissed. I cannot thank him enough, now I have my life back and can now put all this behind me. If you should ever need representation Mr Berman is the guy. I would definitely refer him and his firm to any friends and family, he actually cares about his clients and will do anything in his power to get you the best outcome possible for your case.

5 Roseanne Torr via google

Christian Hartman was a tremendous help to us. He responded to our emails and phone calls and set up zoom meetings right away. He answered all our questions and put our minds at ease with all that we were dealing with in our situation. We would highly recommend Christian Hartman to our family and friends. Thank you Christian for all your hard work and help!!! We appreciate all that you did!!!

5 Cam Rucker via google

Their legal team is extremely professional, thorough, and experienced. Everyone I met with or spoke to at Alpert Schreyer, LLC made me worry less about my issues and feel comfortable taking the next steps in the legal process. If you are looking for an attorney I’d HIGHLY recommend Alpert Schreyer!

5 Darrel Blount via google

Alpert Schreyer LLC, took me under their competent wings and ushered me thru this whole DUI process. They were very responsive and moved me from ome part of the ‘mitigation ‘ process to the next. They kept me busy and focused, the court date came and the Boss walked me thru the day (like a boss)…I recommend this law firm to anyone facing this issue (DUI/DWI)… I give a shout to the team as well they all came thru and now I can breathe a bit… thank you Alpert Schreyer LLC

5 Mark Maldonado via google

I was instructed exactly what I to do from the very start. No guarantees but they put me in the best position possible for a positive outcome. I was elated / shocked that the outcome was so favorable. I am a grateful client.

5 Conelius Cho via google

These professionals meant to help the society when need calls. Anyone who happens to contact this firm should consider their problems solve. All you need to do is to explain the problem well. Conelius Cho is my name and am saying it from experience.

5 James Presley via google

Hiring Andy Alpert was the best decision I could have made. I was facing a slew of traffic tickets in Charles County, MD which included jailable offenses. Andy came prepared for trial and the State knew he meant business. The outcome was more than I expected. I didn’t go to jail and I got no points on my license. Don’t go it alone. He’s worth every penny. Hands down.

5 Marcus Brown via google

On February 13, 2021. I have experienced the worst day of my life which was being arrested for a DUI. I was depressed with a blank look on my face for a good minute. I am very grateful to reach to an amazing team. Thanks to this great lawyer Michael Berman, Sandy, Keri, Rashad, and etc for helping get through this case successfully. on February 2, 2022 I have arrived at court and Michael Berman called my phone telling me that this case was so terrible due to errors from the police reports and bad evidence. Michael Berman told me to choose to fight the case instead of accepting a probation before judgement and so I did. We went in the court room with confidence. Michael Berman turned into a Tom Brady and argued that the case was wrong against the prosecutor and the police officer who arrested me. I’ve felt so relaxed that I forgot that it was a court event. It felt like a meeting. Mr. Berman even had a DWI Book to show evidence that I was wrongfully arrested and asked the cop questions. If anyone needs a hero type lawyer so that justice can be served go for Michael Berman!!!!!!! He also has a great team of individuals who will comfort you until trial such as Kari, Sandy, and Rashad. Thak you all!!!!! I am happy!! 🙂

5 Alexia Ferraro via google

From the moment I chose Mr.Saleh just looking at his wonderful reviews online and speaking to him on the phone personally I knew I made the right choice. He gave me his personal number and let me know if I need ANYTHING just call or text him. I was frantic about the whole situation as this was my second DUI. Mr.Saleh arrived at the courthouse and said he’ll take it from there and that is exactly what he did. We were in and out of the courthouse within 5 minutes with all charges dropped. If you need a DUI lawyer choose Mr.Saleh and you will know you are in good hands. I couldn’t be more thankful.

5 Mo Ibrahim via google

First time in my life I meet a very good law firm I really appreciate your hard work and excellent experience. In one world You guys rescued my life , I didn’t believe my self my case can be solved like this easy , your professional experience solved the case Thank you so much Mr Hartman and thanks for all your office workers all are done great job.

5 Alexander Martin via google

Throughout , my whole ordeal from my pending charges to the trail Alpert Schreyer was there. They are very responsive and any questions or concerns they walked me through everything. I had a domestic case and I felt well represented. This team is the real deal and they are here for you. I highly recommend this firm. Any issues that you may have please sign up for a consultation. You will not have any regrets. If I need representation in the future I will definitely be back.

5 Andre Prue via google

Andy and his team were absolutely amazing! I had some serious time that I was looking at and Andy worked out a probation before judgment and a year of unsupervised probation. The entire firm team was super professional and truly cared about my well being. Keri, Sandy and Najmah helped me organize my mitigation options and returned calls and emails the same day or the very next day. I have only good things to say about Andy and the rest of the team! Worth every penny! If you want your best possible outcome,, look no further. I had 3 prior DUI’s! Do what they tell you to do! For my history it was a page and a half of classes and therapy. In court the prosecutor actually said she was impressed. Know one had ever completed everything she would of had them do before court . Thanks Andy and Team!

5 Pure Guava via google

The results speak for themselves. Mr. Alpert knows how the legal system works, his team told me exactly what they needed from me and they took care of the rest. The outcome of my case was beyond what was expected. Mr. Alpert and his team were responsive and honest. I have hired Mr. Alpert Twice! Would not hesitate to call him again. Don’t waste your money elsewhere.

5 Savannah Pridgen via google

In August of this year, I found myself in a DUI charge from a flat tire one night. I had quite a lot of fees from it, and would have gotten a lot more charges and points on my license if I had not contacted Mr. Saleh about my case! He responded back immediately, and was very polite and communicative the whole time! He instructed me on what services and counseling I should do to help my case and how to be prepared four court and how to get my charges reduced. Today, I had court and I definitely did get a better outcome having Mr. Saleh as my lawyer, I managed to get charged with a PB&J, smaller fines, and no points. Everything Mr. Saleh has done for me regarding my case has really helped out for the better. Hopefully I will never be in this situation again, but if I ever am, I know who I can call!

5 Dee Madd via google

Thank you Attorney Alpert for your upstanding efforts and due diligence in representing and defending my case. I was anxious about my DUI case but after our discussion I knew I had found the right lawyer. He was very supportive of me. Our outcome speaks for itself. You are the best and I will eagerly refer you to anyone who finds themselves in need.

5 Jay Pimble via google

My family and I are thankful and grateful for the services that we received from Alpert Schreyer, LLC. The entire staff Najmah, Keri, and Sandy are wonderful and helpful in every way. Mr Alpert’s expertise and strategies allowed me to walk away with all of my charges dropped from Prince Georges County Circuit Court. Excellent, Professional, 5 Star services.

5 Chris via google

I hired Mr. Alpert to represent me for my first DUI/DWI charge in Maryland. Mr Alpert provided a clear plan to achieve the best possible outcome for my case, He displayed a great deal of knowledge and experience in dealing with DUI/DWI. Mr. Alpert was able to get me probation before judgement with no conviction even though the prosecutor for the State was uncooperative and really did not want to make a deal. Mr Alpert knew the optimal court situation and how to deal with the different Judges and prosecutor that we stood before in both District and Circuit Court. I would recommend Mr. Alpert to anyone facing a DUI/DWI in Maryland to achieve the best possible outcome and best chance to move forward with life without unnecessary convictions on your record.

5 Nick Hertges via google

Words can’t express how grateful I am for the help of Mr. Alpert. He gave me a laundry list of things to do to prepare myself for court for my second DUI – interlock installation, victim impact panels, driving records, a letter of remorse to the judge, and the dreaded weekend stay at Right Turn, a weekend-long inpatient care – which, while boring, wasn’t actually too bad. The verdict of the case? A year with the interlock and 18 months of supervised probation – something that easily could have been a few weekends or even months in jail, considering how bad the DUI was and how strict of a county it happened in. Yes, I did pay a few thousand dollars, but that’s called investing in your freedom, and I’m so glad I did. Mr Alpert was understanding, professional, and most of all, GOT THE JOB DONE! Thanks again Mr Alpert, this could have been much, much worse.

5 Keith Parker via google

With Andy Alpert, I witnessed expertise and professionalism beyond reproach. Andy Alpert was straight forward and established my customer expectation from the first phone call. He was able to exonerate all three charges and I was able to walk away from court without a blemish on my record. If you need an attorney to hire, you need to call Andy Alpert……

5 Jalen Gore via google

I came upon Arya after my first serious encounter with law enforcement and he really helped me through the entirety of this situation. If you need a DUI defense attorney, Arya is your guy. Arya’s amazing litigating and attention to detail helped me get a case where I was in an unlucky situation, thrown out. Arya has looked out for me every step of the way and there is simply no one better than him in Maryland when it comes to DUI defense.

5 Anthony Blend via google

A friend recommended I consult Andy Alpert to represent me in an unusual case. He accepted the challenge and assured me that he’d do everything he could to bring me fair justice. He was very easy to talk to and made me feel at ease immediately. Mr. Alpert was extremely thorough, honest, and dependable. He exceeded my high expectations and delivered more than promised by taking my case to trial and ultimately proving my innocence. Andy made me feel like a friend, not just a client. His confidence and experience were remarkable. Thank you Andy and team for your great service.

5 Bill Bauer via google

Let’s start out by saying I’ve been in the court system for a long time used probably five or six different lawyers all of them have been top notch but let me tell you Albert Schreyer law firm is the Hall of Fame of law firms or the Tom Brady of law.I seen alot of lawyers maneuver and interact with the prosecutors and judges but Albert was hands down the best. Keep up the good work and anybody reading this review do yourself a favor and hire them!!! Thanks everyone!!

5 Steven Crawford via google

Mr. Alpert and his Team were all around amazing from day 1. My case was very serious in nature and not only did Mr. Alpert and the Team achieve a successful outcome for me, but they also got it done before the scheduled trial date. This alleviated tons of stress on me and my family. Mr. Alpert and his team are who you want representing you

5 Kendall Perry via google

I used Alpert Schreyer for 2 DUI related cases I had, for both court appearances and all related work Mr. Alpert & Mr. Saleh were absolutely phenomenal! If there was ever a time when we needed an attorney or someone else needed a recommendation, this firm would be our #1 choice. We had the best possible outcome for both of the cases and they made this an extremely painless process with everything considered.

5 James Jobes via google

On July 3, 2019 I received a DUI in the state of Maryland, Queen Anne’s County. Although, I grew up in the area I was unfamiliar with the lawyers in the area. After googling DUI attorneys Mr. Alpert’s firm came up as highly recommended. I hired them, they provided me a payment schedule to take my case, and provided me a detailed worksheet with assignments to complete prior to my court date. Mr. Alpert met me in Queen Anne’s County, a smaller more royal County in Maryland and surprisingly enough was familiar with the judge. His familiarity with the judge, court proceedings in that area, and an overall superior knowledge of DUI law benefited me during our trial. I was facing a DUI, reckless driving, and 7 other charges. After completing the assignments provided by his law firm, negotiations with the district attorney and judge, I received a reduced sentence to driving while impaired ( guilty plea) and probation before judgment (PBJ) with one year supervised probation that was modified to unsupervised after 3 months. There are many law firms listed in the State of Maryland when you Google them, however if you want to spend your money wisely with proven results Alpert Schreyer Poe, LLC (Andrew Alpert) have a proven track record for success. The staff is responsive, the attorneys will call you back in a timely manner, and the office staff will keep you informed of your case as well as any missing documents needed for a successful resolution of your court case. Will use and recommend this law firm anytime!

5 T A via google

Arya Saleh has been a huge relief to me in this horrible situation. I got arrested for for a DUI after a night out to dinner, having a few drinks too many. This was by far the absolute worst experience of my life. I am a professional, educated, and I felt like one irresponsible decision was about to ruin everything that I worked so hard for. Immediately the next morning after my incident, I started aggressively looking on the internet for a lawyer. Mr.Salah and his firm came up with tons of amazing reviews and stories. After an introduction call with Mr.Saleh, I immediately decided to move forward with his service. The firm worked closely with me and assigned me different assignments to do, that I would present in court to the judge, to show me in a favorable light and that I’d done my due diligence. I want to reiterate how much this DUI weighed on me, and the staff at Alpert Schreyer Poe, Keri in specific, really comforted me and let me know that I was not alone. That meant the world to me. Today I had court with Mr.Saleh and things went to well! No points at all on my license, fines went down to under $200, most charges dropped and no convictions at all. I am happy with this outcome and would recommend this lawyer and law firm!!!

5 D Armah via google

Mr. Alpert completely killed it in court for me. In preparation for the case Fellow attorney Mr. Saleh made it clear to me to TRUST THE PROFESSIONALS. He gave me a thorough homework plan that was intended to put me in a better position with the court. The communication within everyone at the law office was impeccable. When it came time to prep for court I was a bit nervous but Mr. Alpert called me and explained the possible outcomes, along with his plan of defense. He explained that he didnt like what was being offered and I would need to patient. On trial day he was more than prepared, his demeanor and knowledge of law and processes naturally controlled the flow of the trial. He was able to present a much stronger case than the state and is so skilled he knew where the prosecutor failed to do his job effectively. Mr Alpert was able to get numerous charges dismissed, leaving me with a fine which I was more than happy to pay. If you are looking for someone who is going to give you a REAL defense and a chance at resuming your life again look no further. The price may be more but you definitely get what you pay for, without a doubt.

5 Michelle White via google

Mr. Alpert and his AMAZING team are the best! I felt EXTREMELY confident that I’d found the best lawyer after the initial conversation. They were able to obtain a favorable outcome prior to the court date. What a HUGE relief this was! I will refer you to anyone who may be in need of your services!

5 Raja S via google

Attorneys Alpert, Berman, and their wonderful staff provide what we are almost always seeking: sensible high-quality advice, particularly when faced with the unexpected. They really helped me during a frightening period of my life. Learning experience for sure — never take your comfortable life for granted! I am very happy with the outcome. They are worth it! A former roommate suggested Andrew Alpert, who contributes to the field of knowledge and contemporary practice standards based on science. I am very glad I listened to the recommendation.

5 Samosa via google

During mid of July, I received a DUI in the state of Maryland, Anne Arundel County. I did my thorough research online looking for attorney to understand the situation in my case, and after having conversation with couple of other law firms in the area, i ended up moving forward with Alpert Schreyer Poe, LLC. This firm came up as a highly recommended one. Arya from the law firm reached out to me, and had pretty long conversation discussing the details in my case, and what i should be doing to mitigate the risk. After understanding the situation in my case, i went ahead and hired them. They provided me with a payment schedule to take up my case, and also provided me with a detailed worksheet with assignments to complete prior to my court date. Mr. Michael Berman, an incredible attorney from the law firm, and who was a former prosecutor in the state of Maryland district court system met with me in the court and surprisingly enough was familiar with the judge and several other people in the court. His familiarity with the judge, court proceedings in that area, and an overall superior knowledge of DUI law benefited me during our court session. I was facing a probable cause for DUI, and 5 other charges. After completing the assignments provided by his law firm, negotiations with the district attorney and judge, I received $1000 fine, reduced sentence to driving while impaired ( guilty plea) and probation before judgment (PBJ) with 18 months unsupervised probation which can be modified to remove unsupervised probation after 12 months. There are many law firms listed in the State of Maryland when you Google them, however if you want to spend your money wisely with proven results, Alpert Schreyer Poe, LLC (Andrew Alpert) is a go to based on their proven track record for success. The staff is responsive, the attorneys will call/text you back in a timely manner, and the office staff will keep you informed of your case as well as any missing documents needed for a successful resolution of your court case. Both Arya Saleh and Michael Berman did fabulous job in my case. All you need to do is just follow their instructions and do everything they recommend you to do, and you can expect an outcome that possibly could exceed your expectations. From my personal experience, i will recommend this law firm to everyone out there looking for an attorney and needed similar help.

5 Whitney Washington via google

This was my first offense, I felt like a wet lost cat in the rain searching for a home. Alpert Schreyer LLC and Mr. Saleh set me up with their amazing Defense Team Keri, Najmah and Sandy who were my rock from beginning to end. From the minute they took me under their wing, I new I was in good hands. Alpert Schreyer LLC educated and guided me every step of the way, to an extremely successful court ruling. I left that courtroom feeling like the Lioness that I know I am, I just needed one person to believe in me and I was lucky to have an entire team that did. Thank you Alpert Schreyer LLC !

5 B G Pilat via google

Mr Alpert and the team are well worth the investment in your future if you find yourself in legal trouble. Their knowledge in MD law is vast and invaluable. Their knowledge of the lawyers and judges in this area is extremely helpful and something you are unlikely to find in any other firm. They were responsive to all my questions and helped me navigate the legal system. So if you’re seeking legal help I highly suggest you give them a call to see how they may help you. I know I have peace of mind with my decision to retain their services. Best of luck, but by retaining them you’ll have a lot more than luck on your side.

5 William Zuniga via google

Mr. Michael Berman is one of the best attorney in the business. I was very impress with the way he handled my case. I was charged wit DUI and the day of the court I was very nervous because this time it was my third DUI and all I had in my mind was Jail time, but he assured me that everything will be fine. He told me to relax and let him do his job. Mike knew exactly what to do and he got me the best possible outcome: No conviction, unsupervised PBJ for 1 year and only $65.00 fine.< no points> I will definitely recommend him to any body that need legal assistance. Mike, thank you again for your wonderful job. Also thanks to all the people at your office, they were very professional and extremely friendly.

5 Amber Reed via google

I was charged with “free bagging” multiple items on different occasions from a local retailer. The police came to my house and I was charged with the crimes. I was embarrassed and devastated as this could be a career stopper for me as I work for the government. I contacted Mr. Alpert’s office and received a call back the same day. Him and all his staff were so professional and quick to respond to any questions or concerns that I had. What I appreciated about this lawyer is he will be honest and tell you what you need to hear versus what we want to hear. A game-plan was laid out and I was given specific tasks to accomplish before my trial date. I did all of them and Mr. Alpert used the work that I did to advocate on my behalf. He was very calm, confident, and extremely knowledgeable. Many individuals immediately recognized him to include the judge, and you could tell that he had a very high reputation that preceded him. Instead of facing jail time (like many under the same circumstances in Charles County do), he was able to show that I took the steps to improve myself and use that information to have the charges set aside for 12 months. I was worried as I am facing a background investigation renewal towards the end of the year, so he was able to negotiate that down to only 9 months so that I won’t face any difficulties with my job at all. If I have no other criminal issues over the next few months, it will be closed, and I can apply to have it expunged off my record. After I signed for my paperwork, Mr. Alpert waited for me to thoroughly explain everything to me. I felt very comfortable and was happy that he didn’t see me as just another number on the docket as other lawyers do. Before we left the courthouse, we grabbed the expungement paperwork to have it ready to file as soon as it is time to do so. If you do exactly what you are told (game plan), I have no doubt that Mr. Alpert will have a successful victory with your case. I am very satisfied with the outcome of my case and would highly recommend Mr. Alpert for any needs that you may have.

5 Hank Smith via google

To try and express my gratitude for Arya and his professional counsel is beyond words. Having this been my first time being in front of judge, I was unaware of what to expect and frightful for the possible outcomes. After my first conversation with Arya it was very clear to me that I was going to receive the highest quality service and advice that could be given to me. Thanks to his counsel of what steps to take pre-trial, I received the most desirable outcome at my first and only hearing, all things considered. He is clear, concise, and confident that with his counsel and following his advice that you will be in the best possible position going before the judge. It was also immediately clear to me that he is very well-respected on both sides of the aisle, which frankly is where his value as my attorney had the biggest impact on my trial. His reputation paired with his expertise makes for a strong combination going into the courthouse, and cannot have any value placed upon it. The relief and comfort I had after leaving my hearing is thanks to Arya and team of professionals at his firm. Thank you, Arya.

5 Michael Rodriguez via google

Hands down the best attorney you can possibly get in Maryland. From the moment I made the call, he went out of his way to help me and gave me full attention to my case. I always felt like I was going to get the best option I possibly could, and I did. He managed to get my whole entire case dismissed. Everything he recommended me to do was the best thing I could’ve. Between the confidence, the effort he puts in, how responsive him and his team are there’s not a single thing I would’ve ask more of. Arya Saleh is the most professional, attentive, and determined attorney I’ve ever talked too. I would recommend no matter your circumstances. Arya Saleh will personally see to it that you get the best and most fair outcome from your case. A perfect 10/10.

5 M E via google

Michael Berman is, by far, the absolute best attorney that has ever been hired to assist my family. His service was impeccable and we did not feel like just another case. He went above and beyond to provide proper representation and demonstrated sufficient advocacy. He is very knowledgeable and realistic in his approach to cases. I would highly recommend working with Mr. Berman, you won’t regret it.

5 Ayodeji Oseni via google

It’s been a great ride knowing Mr.Alpert. I appreciate the services he renders. He is a great personality from when I met him till after my court case. He tells you how it is and let’s you make a decision and also let’s you know about your decision and what the outcome would be and what his own option would be and the outcome. Taking his own option was great for me and it’s all over now. Grateful I contacted him.

5 Daniel Rathkamp via google

Mike was absolutely amazing. He not only handled the DUI DWI he handled my license hearing and my VOP hearing. Anytime I had a question he was only a phone call away and I never had to wait. His bosses even got in on the case when Mike had to have a baby. But even with his wife about to deliver he still made it to court. The man is a hero and worth every penny.

5 Destinee Glenn via google

Mr.Saleh is the best lawyer ever. He gave me the best classes and things I need to do before my court day. I did everything he asked and it got my case dismissed. No jail time, no points and a reduced fine. I was so appreciative for Mr.Saleh he was the best. I definitely recommend his services.

5 Fatima Ahmed via google

After doing so much research and meeting with dozens of lawyers. I decided to use Alpert and Arya as I felt they had my best interest in heart. They helped guide me in a situation that I was so unfamiliar with. After doing everything we spoke about. I was even more nervous and emotional for my trial date. Alpert ensured me he would do everything he could to help me walk away with semi good news. The tears flowed but after it all the results exceeded my expectations. As everything was dismissed and I was given a PBJ for my first offense with unsupervised probation. I still couldn’t stop crying because I knew the chance I took with complete strangers turned out in my favor. They truly saved MY life and I am forever Indebted. The money + everything else was worth it! If you are in a situation and you need the absolute BEST by your side, it’s them. I am forever thankful.

5 Lucas Clark via google

I was very impressed with the experience and the respect Mr Alpert had in the court room. He is very professional and knows exactly what he is doing. I’m glad I took the time to find him to represent me because even tho I had a lot of things to take care of when I hired him, it payed off in the end for my case. For anyone looking for an experienced and extremely respected lawyer I would highly recommend Andrew Alpert to be your legal voice in representing you.

5 Irving Rivera via google

Mr. Alpert was simply phenomenal. He walked me through the entire process from beginning to end, helped me come up with a plan of action, was available to answer all of my questions, and represented me beyond all expectations in court. He was understanding, patient, confident, and competent. He was very well-known and respected in the courtroom, and he earned every bit of his formidable reputation. I got my best possible outcome thanks to him, and cannot recommend him highly enough!

5 Kevin Adams-Mardi via google

When I first got arrested I was clueless and scared about what was going to happen to me and what, if anything, I could do about it. What lead me to initially contact Arya Saleh were the amazing reviews I read online about him. He’s a straight shooter and when I first called him he explained to me how the legal system worked and what he would try to do for me. After hiring him he gave me a list of programs I needed to do before my court date and gave me specific people to contact, as well as instructions for how to do all of them. This really helped ease my anxiety as I was actively working on the problems that lead to me being arrested. At all the programs I attended many of their head employees recognized Arya Saleh’s name and regarded him as one of the best lawyers in the state of Maryland. Whenever I had any questions about my case I’d reach out to Arya and he would call me as soon as he could and wouldn’t hang up until he was sure that all of my questions were answered. In court he was very passionate in defending me and worked with prosecutors and the judge before hand to get me the best resolution possible. He walked me through what to do, how to present myself, and how to respond to questions before hand. And it’s clear other lawyers in court that day didn’t even do that for their clients. He delivered everything I was hoping to get and I would recommend him to anyone else in my position.

5 Rob via google

I was facing a first time DUI with a leaving after colliding. Mr. Alpert walked me through the process step by step. He showed up to all my court cases prepared and ready to fight for me. Mr. Alpert knew the entire process, he knew what courses and documents I needed to obtain for my case. He knew the judge personally. With my career, I would loose my job if I got probation, Mr. Alpert went to bat for me and got it down to one day probation. Mr. Alpert went to my MVA hearing, found a discrepancy in the paper work, immediately identified it, leaving them no choice but to completely reinstate my drivers license with no restrictions. Mr. Alpert is worth every penny. You get what you pay for and Mr. Alpert is the best out there.

5 Riyan Williams via google

Mike was great! From the day I first spoke to him about my case, to the day of my trial 6 months later, Mike did everything in his power to make sure I was prepared and well informed. He gave me all the tools necessary to help me not only to beat my case, but to get my record expunged completely! 10/10 highly recommend! You hire Mike and you will not be disappointed!

5 Troy Kausch via google

I don’t know where to begin or how I could ever repair Arya Saleh and his team at Alpert Schreyer with everything they have done for me. I hired Arya to represent me in a DUI/DWI case and was not disappointed in my decision. From the first time I contacted Arya I could tell he was very knowledgeable with DUI/DWI cases and that he would be my best chance in court. Arya, being a former prosecutor in Maryland, was a big relief as he knew Judges and Prosecutors. He was always very quick to respond and was always available to answer all of my questions (no matter how dumb they might have been or what time I was asking them). When I started the process, I was uncertain of what the outcome would be but Arya assured me that if I followed all of his very detailed instructions that I would get the best possible outcome in court. I had four (4) separate charges and Arya was able to get every single one dismissed. Which, of course, was the best result I could’ve asked for. In addition to that great news, I ended up with no court fees and no probation at all. All I had to do was take a 6 week alcohol education course which, in my opinion, was worth every minute and dollar of mine. I truly learned a great lesson from this incident and with Arya’s help I was able to experience this lesson without taking a huge hit on my finances or having any worries with my career. In 90 days I will have all of my charges expunged from my record and I will be a new man again. I would highly recommend that anyone facing a DUI/DWI (or anything for that matter) to hire Arya Saleh and you will not be disappointed with his services. Thanks again, Arya, and God bless!

5 Chase Brewis (C Breezy) via google

When I first got charged with a DUI, I thought I was going to lose everything. But, Arya assured me he would fight so I could have the best outcome. He gave me instructions on what to do prior to court to prepare myself. And when in court, Arya represented me in a professional manner. He knew the ins and outs of the court system and found a way to get me an exceptional outcome. I can’t recommend his service enough.

5 Joe Harris via google

I would like to take this time to say that when I first spoke to Arya Saleh before I hired him as my attorney I was impressed with his confidence. I had a 2nd DUI offense in harford county and those who know this area understand the difficulty this county has for DUI’s for jail time, points and other consequences. As instructed by Arya I did as he requested before my trial which included rehabilitation, outpatient meetings, interlock, and AA meetings. Well, did that ever work out well as I had my court date today, Arya spoke with the judge and prosecution on my behalf ( I did not need to say much at all) and he represented me as a true professional in law. I left Harford county with no jail time, no points and only probation which is unheard of in this county for 2nd DUI offenders, I will never need to seek another attorney as I now know how well Arya does representing me, my family and friends thank you much Arya and I will always recommend you to all I know or whoever asks.

5 Joe Conyer via google

January 2020 I was introduced to Andrew “Andy” Alpert, Esq. of Alpert Schreyer Poe, LLC. after receiving a DUI on January 14, 2020 – which was a VOP (Violation of Probation) for a previous DUI. I appreciate Arya and Andy; they never made me feel bad for my mistake(s). They were committed to winning, extremely understanding and very supportive. In fact, they reassured me everything would workout and it did! They leveraged every resource to ensure I received a positive outcome. I appreciate the time and patience everyone in the firm (Andy, Arya, Najmah etc.) provided me when answering my questions in addition to the not guilty verdict on all five counts that I was facing. Andy won my case in spite of a per se breath test over the limit being admitted into evidence against me. They are clearly the defense team that you’d want fighting for you as Andy achieved a historic trial win in my case.

5 Jay G via google

I highly recommend hiring Michael Berman as your lawyer! I was facing an assault case as well as a violation of probation and he go the charges dropped! He was very professional in court and made sure it went as smooth as possible. Before my trial he kept in contact regularly and attentively. Thanks to the instruction from Mr. Berman, I got the best possible outcome in court. Do not hesitate to contact him if you get in a bind!!! You’ll be happy that you did!!!

5 Bud Larson via google

A friend was in need of an attorney for a DUI. I researched and found this fine man. At our first meeting he spent an hour speaking with my friend never mentioning the legalities, addressing the alcohol problem. If this man had had a white coat on and was videotaped you’d believe he was a health care provider doing an assessment for an alcohol abuse patient…and doing it very well. He recommended and my friend accepted the proposal for further inpatient treatment. He proposed a treatment plan…for the next year. Then came the court date. He knew the Maryland court system, he knew the different judges, he knew how to navigate the process. The outcome was a dismissal of charges, a $500 fine, and, I am told unheard of, a single day of unsupervised probation. Then afterwards in the hallway, instead of glowing in his results, he spoke to my friend again about his welfare, what he needs to continue to do, that he was proud of his progress and momentum. This is one high powered, astute, and most importantly compassionate attorney.

5 Sagar Tilekar via google

“I was struggling with how to handle the whole scenario after being charged with Driving Under the Influence of alcohol (DUI). It was a nightmare for me as this incident put my family at stake. Mr. Berman worked very diligently and professionally to get results that exceeded my expectations. I could not have asked for a better attorney, he was superb and very thorough in the pleading, and was extremely knowledgeable and helpful of every aspect of his legal work and navigating the legal system.”

5 Christopher Marlatt via google

This firm knows the law and more so the judiciary system representatives! A. Alpert was able to work the system as well as the SA to my vantage on three separate cases within the same year. With a outstanding end result in each Case, having NO major or harmful repercussions or consequence. I honestly don’t know how he pulled it off considering my major lack of communication to him and his firm! I was told by someone that I hired the best, The best doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel considering I thought my life was over before I sought out and hired these professionals. All I can say is, there are lawyers which are dime a dozen.. Then there’s is THE LAWYER, Whom I considered to be A. Alpert and his firm. When it comes time you are definitely going to want this firm as your representation.. no doubt about it!… Once again, thank you A. Alpert for all your help and putting up with my ignorance when it came to communicating.

5 Justin Bury via google

My experience with this firm was amazing from start to finish. I had the pleasure of witnessing collaboration on a professional level like I had never seen before. They took the fear and uncertainty out of my situation with a calm, confident approach that restored my faith in the justice system. Every aspect of my defense was well thought out, explained to me in ways that I understood, and gave me a sense of confidence in a very uncertain situation. From the Office Assistants to the Partners themselves, I can honestly say that they showed a level of competency above all others. You are left with no choice but to be impressed when other attorneys (including the Public Defender) commends their preparation! I couldn’t have dreamed for results any better or more perfectly delivered. Thank you all for having my best interests at heart, and I will strongly refer anyone, in any situation, to your firm. Masterfully done!

5 Antonio Wilder via google

I was referred to Mr. Saleh and it was the best thing for me. He invited me to come talk to him about how everything was going to be and he was so confident in making a positive outcome in my case. He had me do some homework that I needed to complete before the court date. He kept me updated on certain things and made me feel at ease. Today, May 16th, 2019… Arya Saleh gave me THE BEST OUTCOME and I had all my charges dropped!!! He came into the court room with so much confidence I felt like I was in good hands. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. He will do everything he can to make the most positive and satisfying outcome. Best lawyer.

5 Gordon Reilly via google

I can’t say enough about the unwavering commitment and Professionalism that I experienced while being represented by Mr.Alpert. The outcome was absolutely sensational, all charges were dropped! I was charged with a DUI and Assault, the insight and knowledge of the team were key in this result. I will refer this firm to anyone I come across that needs a solid legal defense! Thank You

5 Rishi Dhawan via google

Mr. Saleh Was extremely professional during a time that I didn’t know what to expect. On my first encounter with him, he gave me a sense of confidence that my life was not about to be over. I work as a professional and a DUI on my license can end my career. After a poor decision one night, I was pulled over and given my first DUI. I personally have never been in trouble with the law. And after speaking with Mr. Saleh on the phone, I knew he was the right person for me. He was available before, during, and after the trial. He gave me all the information I needed to succeed. As long as you follow his homework, you will have the best possible outcome for your situation. With him by your side, you have a great chance at coming out on top.

5 R. Raheim Walker via google

I writing this review after my case was heard with Mr. Alpert as my attorney and four (4) DUI related charges being dropped with the exception of one: for swerving. Allegedly, on 25 MAY 2020, I was ‘swerving’ which is what initiated the State Trooper to make the initial stop. During the traffic stop the Trooper’s lights came on. I exited Route 301 and parked my vehicle and waited for further instructions. Without any hesitation, the Trooper asked had I been drinking. Whether I had or not was irrelevant. I was ordered to exit my vehicle to perform the field sobriety test. I was told that I then needed to take the breathylizer. The Trooper stated it would not count in Court and that I could either take the one at the detention center or simply refuse. I stated no. It did not make sense to me that I would need to take a second one. In all, the Trooper placed me under arrest, took my license and drove me to La Plata for processing. I ultimately spent the night in detention and was allowed to leave later in the day. I immediately contacted Alpert Schreyer Poe, LLC to request legal representation. Initially, I worked with Arya Saleh and followed all of the instructions he gave me. I was distraught with the fact that I was in the military and had completed 20 years of service. Something like this for as senior as I was becomes a career ender in the very least. And it has but my retirement is no longer in question. Not to mention, the Navy allows double jeopardy. I believe my Command was awaiting the results before preceding to Mast or Courts Martial. That’s not going to happen now. My case was continued on 30 JUL 2020 on the basis that Mr. Alpert’s law firm had not received the video surveillance of the night in question during discovery. The Prosecution seemed upset or at least visibly irritated that my lawyer was doing his job to ensure my defense was solid. In all, the judge granted the continuance to 17 SEP 2020. The day we arrived for the trial, Mr. Alpert was prepared. During the trial, he ensured that the Prosecution nor the Trooper who was called as their witness got an inch on a mile to slander my character or allow what the Trooper’ thought’ to play a role in the execution of his duties. Once the Prosecution rest their case, Mr. Alpert went into beast mode for cross examination. He took us completely through the time up to my arrest and detainment. He asked simple questions that the Trooper only had to confirm yes or no. The Trooper had A LOT of explaining to do! He fumbled and misguided me through much of the traffic stop, completing the DR-15, and entirely had not established a bases for why he asked me to exit my vehicle. His police report had information that was not even in the video surveillance. Mr. Alpert picked apart every single ‘clue’ he described as his reasoning for arresting me. Mr. Alpert was sharp as a hot knife cutting through butter with laser-like precision. Mr. Alpert even went so far as to point out that there was no way I was impaired. I had followed all the directions being in the far left lane to exiting Rte 301 with no accident and parking my vehicle. I had given my license and registration while answering the Trooper’s questions with not one issue. I had gotten out of my vehicle with no assistance. I had followed all of his Commands and due to his own actions had counted clues that were his own fault for the manner in which he gave me instructions. To add insult to injury, the entire 29 minute ordeal from the time I was stopped to being arrested was proven there was no way I was impaired to the point of reasonably being charged or convicted of a DUI. In essence, it was a slam dunk. The rookie Trooper left the court visibly angry because he had messed up quite a bit. Bye Felicia! If you want a rock solid defense, do yourself a favor and sign a retainer. It was THE BEST thing I could have done besides not being the unfortunate soul to encounter a Rookie Cop. Make sure you do EVERYTHING ASP, LLC tell you. Don’t and see what happens. You will only put the nails in your own coffin.

5 David Garnett via google

Let me first say that if you’re reading this LOOK NO FURTHER. I was facing my second DUI charge within a six year period. Needless to say I was petrified of the consequences. Mr. Alpert was professional and guided me each step of the way. He read my case and thought my best interest was a trial by jury. After a long 10 months the verdict was in: NOT GUILTY. I can’t thank Mr. Alpert enough, the best in the business!!!

5 Shockwave Henry via google

Mr. Alpert is extremely helpful. He was able to walk me through my case with ease. Whenever I had a question about what to do he would be very quick to respond. The staff as well are very helpful and will respond to you as fast as possible. I would HIGHLY recommend Mr. Alpert and his staff, they are all great people and will do an incredible job to make sure you have the best outcome. Thank you Mr. Alpert An update. Going back to Alpert Schreyer was again a great decision. I had Arya Saleh. I was having a lot of stressors in my life and I felt lost and in the same position again which made me feel hopeless and felt like I disappointed everyone once again. Mr. Saleh was able not only helping financially, but helping me overall. His responses were incredibly quick as well he is an amazing motivator. The programs that were suggested were of great help. Looking back how I was to how I am now is great since I feel so much better. I could recommend this legal team enough. If you all are worried with your back against the wall please reach out to them. They will give you all the help you need and then some. Thank you Mr. Saleh and your team.

5 Moses Robinson via google

The Alpert Schreyer firm was all I could’ve asked for to represent me in a professional manner. My case was handled and ultimately dismissed after nothing but timely, informative, and professional communication from the first phone call. I would recommend to anyone in need.

5 Ryan Barner via google

Michael was an exceptional lawyer, knew everything like it was the back of his hand and in this particular case knew everyone that worked at the courthouse making the process very smooth and professional. I highly recommend this firm as they have some very experienced and professional attorneys.

5 Greg Loftin via google

I knew from our very first conversation that Arya was the right attorney for our circumstance. He handled our case in a highly professional and methodical manner, promptly addressing our many questions in language we could understand. We could not have been more pleased with our outcome and would not hesitate to recommend Arya to anyone in search of a knowledgeable, personable and highly competent lawyer.

5 William Hairston via google

My experience with this law firm was nothing short of Excellence! They did exactly what they said they were going to do! I had a team of Experts working for me like a well oiled machine! Being a disabled , Gulf War, Air Force Vet, this law firm honors Veterans and understands the specific needs of military personnel! They were straight forward and real though out the whole process! My attorneys Mr. Arya Saleh, and Mr. Andy Albert, were above and beyond my expectations in executing the best possible representation for me! If you must have the best law firm representing your case you must have AlPERT SCHREYER POE, LLC TRAIL ATTORNEYS! The best!!! Sgt. William Albert Hairston Jr. USAF.

5 Ariel Dimonte via google

Andy is an exceptional attorney. He is very accessible. Always returns calls and gives excellent advise. He is extremely knowledgeable and current with the ever changing laws. He will address any and all concerns well after your case is closed and over .He will pull teeth to get you a result that you could never have dreamed of getting. Do yourself a favor, do not gamble with a different lawyer!!!

5 Tomy Cormier via google

First of all, I was charged with a DUI about a year ago. That is the first time that I needed Andrew and his team. They were able to get me out of trouble with a PBJ. However, during that 18 months period of probation, I was unfortunate enough to get charged with a BUI (again in Maryland) threatening a violation of my probation. Also to mention, I am currently following a green card process. Therefore, I could’ve not afford any conviction to an alcohol jail-able charge since both process, the green card and the probation, would’ve been compromised. Andrew is a knowledgeable and experienced attorney who figured a way out. He was able to negotiate a deal with the prosecutor. I had to spend 24 hours in jail on a Friday-Saturday, and the prosecutor was going to dismiss the whole case. For some people like me, the fact of going to jail, even for only 24 hours sounded terrible at first sight. However, it only took me 24 hours and the whole case was resolved without impacting the rest of my life. I spent 24 hours in jail, then the prosecutor dismissed the case on the Monday and Andrew and his team filed the expungement the following day removing any trace of my time in jail. This whole story ended up the best way possible. Incredible attorney! With Andrew, you definitely get a return on the investment you put on him! If you are in a complicated situation with the Justice, play it safe and hire Andrew, that is the best advise I can give.

5 Rob Crouch via google

When I went to see Mr. Saleh, I was in bad shape. I had just gotten my second DUI. I had wrecked my car in a blackout and blew a 0.24. I was convinced that I was going to go to jail and lose my career and everything that I had built over the last few years. Mr. Saleh was not the first lawyer that I interviewed, but he was the one I hired. He was clear, concise, and laid down a plan of action for me. The plan would not only maximize my chances in court, but help with my overall health as well. I did everything that Mr. Saleh asked me and despite the details of my case, he managed to get me the best possible outcome (no jail time). I cannot thank him enough. There is no better lawyer to have on your side in a crisis.

5 Harmony Brown via google

During a consultation at 8:45am on the date of my MVA hearing my fate did not look good; Mr. Alpert re-emphasized the strong possibility of the interlock system being installed in my car or my driver’s license may be suspended for a FIRST OFFENSE. He advised me of this scenario when I first hired him in June 2019, but told me we would cross that bridge when the time comes. As I awaited my MVA hearing I researched the outcomes of others at their MVA hearing(s) which were very gloomy. I felt discouraged after reading the online reviews of others. My thoughts were scattered. I knew based on the type of job I have, I may have to transport clients in my car and there would be NO WAY I could explain to my clients the interlock system in my car; they would never respect me. I considered having my windows tinted if I was ordered to get the interlock system installed and also thought about allowing for my license to be suspended if that was the finding at the MVA hearing. My hearing was at 2:00pm, Mr. Alpert presented my case to the Administrative Judge and argued that I DID NOT refuse to take the breathalyzer test as reported but instead argued that due to my history of smoking cigarettes that my capacity to blow into the breathalyzer machine was constricted. Mr. Alpert provided the Judge with a hard copy and an electronic copy of my medical records to support my case. I also testified and absolutely advised the Judge that I DID NOT refuse to blow for the test. At 2:21pm, the Judge honored Mr. Alpert’s recommendation for no action. When I tell you amazing, it was AMAZING. I received the no action documentation from Mr. Alpert and proceeded to the driver’s license counter to request my driver license. I received my driver’s license yesterday in the mail; NO RESTRICTIONS, NO INTERLOCK, NO POINTS, just amazing. Highly recommended.

5 Folefac John via google

Mr Andrew is extremely intelligent layer,he knows his job to be honest I give him credit. He dismissed my third DUI case and i was set free with no charges. After validating and an interlock device which I was expecting some prison times . But he work it out for me .I will recommend him to anyone to used him all my two DUI case I have been to him all dropped without charges.

5 Porsha Bynum via google

First I would like to say thank you for what you and your team has done. I hired this firm in March 2020 and didn’t go court until January due to Covid and through the whole process the team stuck by me. Any questions that was needed and advice that they had was given to me. For not even meeting Mike until almost days before the court date, he was very knowledgeable, he told me all facts and told me what was up against me. But at the end we caught a great WIN. Thank you Michael

5 Saved Chick via google

Alpert Schreyer Poe went above and beyond to help me during a very difficult time in my life. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. Mr. Selay was the lawyer I dealt with primarily and then Mr. Alpert brought us across the finish line. Mr. Selay was confident and reassuring throughout. Their concern was always what was best for me. I recommend them to anyone and everyone!

5 Jonathan Rios via google

***ACTIVE DUTY SERVICE MEMBERS*** If you are looking for top notch representation with the knowledge and resources to help you in a bind, look no further!!! As an active service member, I can’t overemphasize how important it is to have the right team on your side. Mr. Alpert, Mr. Berman, and their team (Keri, Sandy, and Najmah) did an AMAZING job at producing an aggressive plan and approach to my case, which ultimately lead to a NON-CONVICTION. Thank you again team!

5 Thomas Stewart via google

Attorney Mike Berman is excellent! As a 20 year Navy retiree, I put my trust and confidence in Mr. Berman and I was amazed at the high level of service he provided, yo will not be disappointed. Mr. Berman is passionate, professional, and knowledgeable about all levels of the judicial system. The outcome was that allegations brought against me were dismissed. Mr. Berman provided me with the relief and peace of mind that I deserved.

5 Alexander Khojainov via google

Mr. Berman represented me in Anne Arundel County for a DUI and multiple moving violations and traffic citations. All the 5 star reviews of the law firm do not lie. Mr. Berman knew everyone in the court house… judge, state’s attorney, court staff. All of the charges were dismissed with only a PBJ for a speeding ticket and a nominal fine. Mr. Berman had a contingency plan as well and was ready to go to trial. I am so ecstatic about the outcome of my trial. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Thank you Mr. Berman and everyone at Alpert Schreyer Poe that worked on my case!

5 Colin Smith via google

Facing a slew of charges due to an arrest involving an accident and high BAC (0.22) my fear of losing everything I have worked so hard for was overwhelming. Arya provided a framework for me to prepare for court in the most thorough manner. His relationship with the prosecutor proved invaluable to my case. The work and preparation that Arya guided me through impressed an otherwise tough judge and I’m certain the result would have been far less desirable had I not had Arya on my side. End result, was PBJ with 5 of 6 charges dropped entirely. More importantly, the path he recommended has changed my life for the better. The old adage it true, you get what you pay for and I found Arya was worth every penny.

5 Dominic M via google

Mr. Berman represented me in Kent Country for a DUI and other traffic violations. Mr. Berman was able to get the DUI charge dismissed without any time on probation. If you follow his contingency plan, you will have a positive outcome in court. The choice to hire Mike was the best decision I could have made. I am still in disbelief that I only had to pay a ticket for a traffic infraction. I recommend Mr. Berman and his team for anyone looking for a lawyer, and I guarantee you will be satisfied with the outcome.

5 David Queen via google

I was on my way home from a bar before being pulled over in Montgomery County around 3:00 AM. Shortly after, I was arrested and hit with seven charges including DUI, DUI Per Se (blew a .13), DWI, reckless driving, negligent driving, failing to obey traffic control device, and failing to stop at a red light. Four were payable fines totaling $830 and the three relating to the DUI were must appear in court. My summer was over one week after summer had officially started. The evidence the state had against me was not looking good from failing the field sobriety tests to blowing a .13. I just knew I was looking at conviction, jail time, losing my career, and disappointing a lot of people. I had never been in trouble with the law before this. The stress and anxiety of facing criminal charges was REAL! A friend fighting a DUI case herself referred me to Avvo. I immediately hired Arya Saleh after reading reviews and consulting over the phone first. He outlined a plan of action with a list of homework assignments to complete before my scheduled court case. Thank GOD for being cooperative and following it! I walked with unsupervised PBJ 12 months, $450 fine, no conviction, and no jail! Additionally, Arya represented me at my MVA Hearing on 1/14/2020 and negotiated a restricted license for six months. The best possible outcome. Taking my case to trial was not an option. Follow the plan and do the homework assigned. It made a positive impact in my defense at court and the MVA Hearing. Arya thank you for being professional in this entire process. I am forever thankful for all that you have done for me.

5 Christina Spinetta via google

I just walked out of the courtroom today with tears of joy streaming down my face. I got a second chance!!! I’m still in shock that all of the horrible things I thought would happen never did- all because of Arya Saleh! I was looking at my second DUI and scared out of my mind. I did my homework and read reviews and called around. Then I stumbled upon Arya Saleh and all of his amazing reviews and great feedback- and I filled out the form online and HE is the one that called me! It was not some assistant taking down information- it was him- I could tell immediately he was the REAL deal and a genuine man who cared. He LISTENED to me and he gave me a plan- he tells you like it is! He is to be taken seriously! If you do everything he tells you to do you will have the best outcome and experience possible. I never believed I would get a second chance and I got one today! I cried tears of joy leaving the court room. Arya was always there for me every step of the way. He always responded to my texts and emails AND CALLED ME. It wasn’t a 2 minute conversation- he would stay on the phone and listened to me. He even took the time to talk to my therapist multiple times. He seriously wants what is best for YOU. He wants you to come out of this having learned from your mistakes and he cares about you. I am an EXTREMELY anxious person and no matter what was always thinking the worst and I spent the entire time waiting for court stressing myself out and Arya saved the day and my life. I was very fortunate, and my second DUI charge was dropped. Did he just run out of the court room and say “bye – you’re lucky.” NO he stood there and talked to me about everything that had just happened. He really wants what’s best for my life. He is the real deal- he knows his stuff and he cares. You won’t be talking to voice mails or waiting to hear back from a text. He is there for you every single step of the way. If you are scared and panicking – look no further. Arya CARES and you will get Arya not some assistant or the run around. He makes himself available and is there to help you!

5 John Wilson via google

Mr. Alpert is THE BEST lawyer. I highly recommend him. If your looking for a lawyer take your time and compare. Thats what I did. You can get one cheaper but this is not the time to go cheap. Mr. Alpert listened to me, told me what I needed to do next and followed through. I am so happy I chose him. Thank you Mr. Alpert. This serious time in my life was blessed with a wise choice. Mr. Alpert Schreyer is probably your best choice…

5 Keaton Taliaferro via google

I highly recommend the legal services provided by Andrew Alpert and his team! Facing multiple charges from a single vehicle collision with a tree, I was in danger of receiving various fines totaling in the thousands PLUS potential jail time. Today I left court with Not Guilty on every charge but one, which was granted Probation Before Judgment (no points) and a fine of $25 plus court fees. Trust in the legal advice given, it works!! Thanks again Andy!

5 Dan Kauffman via google

Here it is I am a PA resident I got a DUI in MD. I was facing 6 different charges all together. Two of which were DUI and DWI. This incident happened on 16March2019 in Baltimore County. I refused everthing they asked of me without a lawyers presence. They wrote refuasal on all my paperwork. I refused to blow due to not having a lawyer present. After I got released from Baltimore County jail I went on Google and searched best Dui lawyer in md. The first name that popped up was Andrew Alpert. I looked at lawyers and reviews. I then decided on Andy. Att. Alpert did not sugar coat anything he told me what I had to do. He may have gave me awnsers that I necessarily like to hear. He was honest and real. We had a couple postponements so it was definitely long and drug out but it was worth it. I did what Andrew told me to do I went to the Right Turn Intervention program soaked in the information and did what they told me to do. Court was today 12Sep2019. I Made a recovery binder like right turn instructed me to do. Had a right turn liaison there with me today Jorge Castro. We made it to trial but everything got mitigated before the Judge saw our case. All charges except for one was dropped on that 1 charge I got Probation Before Judgement. (PBJ). Probation for 24 hours unsupervised. Now since I did not blow in the breathalyzer and refused. I still got the maximum 270 day suspension from the MVA hearing but we did not attend that hearing. This was a win in my book by far. I’m already a couple months into the suspension. Best DUI lawyer by far thank you Andrew.

5 Althea Whieldon via google

Ayra Saleh is an outstanding lawyer, who is passionate about his work and providing the very best legal representation for each client. He knows the law, is attentive to detail and thorough in gathering information. He is respected by his colleagues in the legal field for his professionalism. Arya is responsive to questions – either via phone or text messages – and is willing to go the extra mile with clients and their families as needed. The thing that really makes Arya stand out from other lawyers is his holistic approach to working with his clients. He offers recommendations that take the health and well-being of his clients into consideration. You cannot be in better legal hands than having Arya as your lawyer.

5 Angel Agosto via google

Mr. Saleh represented me four years ago in the Prince George County area in an outstanding manner. Four years later, recently, I abruptly needed Mr. Saleh’s assistance in locating my disposition paperwork for an upcoming employment opportunity. Mr. Slaeh and his firm Alpert Schreyer Poe, LLC, and assistant Samantha effortlessly assisted me and assured me that they would be able to track down the paperwork since the State of Maryland no longer had it. Sure enough, Mr. Saleh treated me as if I was a priority even though this was for an incident that occurred four years ago. Honestly, I personally feel that if it were another lawyer, I would have been placed in the back burner. To Mr. Saleh, his firm, Alpert Schreyer Poe, LLC, and his assistant Samantha, thank you for such an exceptional service!

5 Aaron Fitzgerald via google

Mr. Saleh did a great job at handling my case and helping me personally. Did everything he said he would do and got me the best possible outcome I could ever ask for in court. Would recommend him to anyone that needs a great lawyer.

5 Ryan Neale via google

Mike was able to get my charged dropped for my dui and dwi case. With his expertise he was able to find discrepancies in the police statements and he offered to fight my dmv appeal for free. I would definitely recommend mike and his legal team to anyone looking for a Lawer that will go above and beyond to provide expert legal advice.

5 Blessing Jones via google

Long Story Short !! First DUI/DWI offense. The prosecutor was not flexible; he wanted me to have the interlock system installed for 18 months, 90 AA meetings in 90 days, a conviction with 12 points on my license (license revoked), however Mr. Saleh was very determined to get the best possible outcome for me and was willing to fight on my behalf! Initially, Mr. Saleh told me “This is insane.” While the court was in recess he advised me of his plan and the possible outcome(s), when the Judge returned to the bench, the prosecutor proceeded to state his case and then Mr. Saleh made a believer out of me. End result: NO conviction, NO points on my license, one year unsupervised probation (PBJ), and one fine plus court fees ($257.00). Highly recommended!!!!

5 Christopher Taylor via google

Astonishing Representation! Andy with his staff, are the right counsel to have by your side. He showed up with a level of confidence and reassured demeanor. I was facing a DUI, DWI, negligent driving, and a reckless driving. He had multiple areas to challenge my case, dissecting every moment in the stop. He broke down how the initial stop was bad, the improper scoring of my sobriety test, and improper instructions to those test. The man knows his law. It was artful to see him work. I am in debt and will always be appreciative for his help.

5 Ke W via google

I pleaded guilty today to my 3rd DUI and The outcome couldn’t have been better (aside from it being dismissed). I received 5 weekends in the weekend work program, which is less severe than the amount of jail time the DA initially offered. Araya is very straight forward, but professional. He gives you a list of things to get accomplished by the time you go to court. Complete those tasks and Araya will take care of the rest!!

5 Elizabeth Mbenoh via google

I was able to have my husband’s case dismissed! Thank you for the service and help.

5 Dko via google

Words can not describe how truly grateful and blessed I am to have Arya Saleh as my sons lawyer. As a mother you want to make sure your child is in the best hands from the moment they are born from choosing the best daycare to now selecting the best lawyer to represent your child in a life altering moment. Mr. Arya Saleh handled my sons case, stern but carefully walked him through the worse case scenario to the best case scenario, he doesn’t sugar coat. Mr. Saleh was able to get my sons case dismissed and even went above and beyond to walk us downstairs to the clerks office to help fill the forms out to expunge his record. If you want a lawyer that goes the extra mile, Mr. Saleh will be the best fit

5 Monika Andreani via google

This man is amazing, my grandfather had 3 DUI’s and got off with what seemed like a slap on the wrist. This man knows what he is doing and I would trust him with any case you hand him, when my grandfather met with him, Mr. Saleh told my grandfather everything he needed to do step by step, he always available when we needed to ask him questions. This man will take care of you no matter what, whatever your issue may be just know you are in great care with Mr. Saleh. You can put your trust him because me and my family did and we are so happy with the outcome. I am forever grateful to Mr. Saleh and everything he as done for my family! This is a lawyer you can trust!

5 Jorge Andreani via google

Mr Michael Berman is an excellent attorney. I would highly recommend him to anybody that need legal representation. I was very impressed with the exceptional work he did handling my case and extremely happy with the results. I will recommend Mr. Berman to all my friends and family. Thank you very much for everything.

5 Sheeba via google

I absolutely would recommend this firm to anyone in need. The staff is on top of everything and super responsive. As soon as I reached out to this firm, I knew right away that I was in good hands! Michael went above and beyond for me and I couldn’t be more thankful! I followed all his instructions and he was very knowledgeable. He always kept me in the loop and answered any questions I had. 10/10!!

5 Calico 21 via google

Arya Saleh gave me a plan with simple steps to prepare for court. I followed his directions exactly. I was facing a felony, 5 years in prison, and a $15,000 fine, and Arya reduced it to a misdemeanor, probation, and a $200 fine! Nothing short of a miracle. Arya was well prepared for court and has good relationships with many people inside the legal system that work to your advantage.

5 Susan Pinales via google

Mr. Saleh represented my son. I was very nervous and worried about how the case would turn out with my son. We had no experience dealing with courts. Mr. Saleh assigned some tasks for my son to complete including writing a letter to the judge and doing community service. These tasks made all the difference in the case. Mr. Saleh was always available and quick to respond to my questions. I never felt like I was asking a silly question. He was genuinely interested in helping my son. The charge was dismissed and will ultimately be removed from my son’s record. We are very grateful to Mr. Saleh!

5 Bubu Chen via google

Arya helped me a lot with my case. I was pregnant and so nervous about the ticket I got. After I called him, and he told me how to solve the case in details which made me calm down. I really appreciate he helped me to postpone the court date when I gave birth and when I was taking care of my parent. He is patient, professional, and positive. Thank you so much for helping me out.

5 Zach Rinker via google

They helped me through the whole case! For sure recommend them, very satisfied with the outcome!

5 leilana via google

my grandfather received his third DUI and they had hired mr arya has our lawyer , we were expecting jail time but our $3,000 dollar fine turned into only 65 dollars and our grandfather was able to come home to us today with only unsupervised probation . i am beyond thankful that my grandparents were able to find mr. arya to stand my grandfathers side in court today. i was so thankful to see how dedicated and caring he was towards my grandfather he always reminded not only my grandfather but our whole family that he was here to take care of us and everything would be okay , so if you’re looking for a lawyer who is TRULY on your side and will provide you with the best service available please i advise you to hire mr. arya as your lawyer today .

5 T. Carl via google

From Day 1, Mike provided excellent service to our family. He helped us navigate a complex legal issue, and explained the entire process to our family with ease. We never felt out of the loop. His knowledge and abilities are second to none! First class person and service

5 Dominic Zanoni via google

As a young college student, my first time dui was the worst experience i’ve been through. Mr. Saleh’s ability to minimize the damage far exceeded my expectations. Mr Saleh was able to get me a probation before judgement which kept a conviction off of my record and resulted in no points on my license and no fines to the court and unsupervised probation! As a very young offender, unsupervised probation is very rare and on the day of court the judge even said “I Usually never do this.” And granted me unsupervised probation before judgement. Without Mr. Saleh’s help I would not have had such a favorable outcome and would not have been able to get back on my feet as quickly as I did.

5 Victor Jones via google

I want to thank Mr. Saleh for doing an outstanding job in handling my case. His keen awareness and quick thinking throughout my court hearing allowed me to regain my life back. I am extremely satisfied with the results and i can now move on with my life. Thank you sir.

5 Margaret Johnson via google

I would recommend this law office to anyone who needs help. They answer their phones, answer any questions you may have. They handle your case as if it is their own. I jusy knew I didn’t stand a chance in court. I allowed the attorneys to do their jobs while I did the homework they assigned me and everything turned out better than I expected.

5 Spencer Livingston via google

Andy has represented me multiple times, one of which he resolved before I even had to walk into a courtroom. Every time has been a massive success, and today he got 2 months jail time dropped to a $250 fine. He definitely knows what he’s doing, and you can’t go wrong here!

5 Tom Toggas via google

If you want an attorney who understands the legal system in Maryland AND isn’t afraid to aggressively represent you AND is a great guy AND most importantly WINS!! Look no further! Andy is the very BEST!!

5 jonah n via google

After my arrest for a DUI a friend highly recommended I call Andrew Alpert and after my experience I would very highly recommend him too. He and his office told me everything that I needed to do and how to prepare for court.

5 Alicia Laramee via google

I worked with Arya Saleh and he was excellent. Always clear and professional when we spoke. If I had any questions, he was available. His staff at the office was excellent and supportive, too. I highly recommend Arya.

5 L H via google

Hands down this is the best law firm ever. From the very first phone call, I knew that I had contacted the right office. Mr. Saleh made me feel very comfortable even though I was a nervous wreck. He was straight forward and told me what I needed to do. Mr. Alpert Schreyer handled both of my court appearances. He was well prepared and talked me through everything. He calmed my nerves and made sure I understood everything that was happening. His demeanor and expertise calmed my nervousness throughout the entire process. Even after everything was over, he went back through all of my paperwork to make sure I understood everything. If you are looking for the BEST representation, I encourage you to hire them. I received the best possible outcome in my case thanks to them.

5 Chip Perdue via google

Mr. Berman and his staff provided me excellent advice which I followed to the letter. He was professional and knowledgeable and was successful in getting me a positive outcome to my case.

5 Kyle Ehret via google

Best of the best when it comes to a law firm. From the first phone call to the day of trial, the team at Alpert Schreyer put my mind at ease about the situation I was going through. When I had first had contact with Andy and Arya, I had confidence they were going to exercise their expertise in helping me get the result I so desperately needed. I can’t recommend this practice enough and they will be my first phone call should I ever need a lawyer again.

5 Tim Huey via google

I’ve collaborated with Andy on DUI issues for two decades. As President of the national DUI Defense Lawyers Association, I always knew that if DUI expertise in Maryland needed, Andy could be counted on to deliver.

5 Carol Ramey via google

Highly recommend this law firm. Team is very professional and courteous. Treated me like i was one of the family. If your looking for a law firm that will have your best interest, choose Alpert Schreyer, Poe.

5 Taj Chahal via google

Highly recommend this firm. They got all my charges dropped and took care of everything from A to Z. Arya & Andy both are very discreet and intelligent lawyers and my money was so worth it. You will not be disappointed.

5 Gia Andreani via google

Arya Saleh is an awesome lawyer! Attentive and extremely helpful. He is great at what he does and my family would highly recommend him!

5 Jc via google

Thank you Andrew Alpert and team. I appreciate all your help and the great outcome of my case . I’m so grateful that I found your firm and would highly recommend your team to everyone.

5 Sam Pinalesh via google

Ayra made my case stress free and really smooth. He knew exactly what to do and expect and it really helped keep everyone involved calm.

5 Russell Dneale via google

I am soooo happy & impressed with Mr.Alpert & his team I would recommend him & his team to Superman if I had to I believe he is the best in the business & I wouldn’t trade him for the world to handle a case for me Mr.Alpert I thank you & I GREATLY APPRECIATE YOU my outcome wouldn’t been the same without you TWO THUMBS UP!!!

5 GemCaryll Crowe via google

My husband was pulled over in December 2018, and was charged with DWI, among 7 other charges. My husband of course took ownership of his mistakes and wanted to be proactive and decided to hire a lawyer. Upon researching for best law firms in So. MD, he came across Alpert Schreyer. The lawyer, Arya Saleh, took my husbands case. He prepared my husband the best he could and also he kept him at ease and reassured us that we will come out of this with just the DWI. At the end of it all, my husband has avoided the 60-day jail time, and all charges were dropped but the dwi. We also ended up just paying the minimum fees, roughly $400. We couldn’t imagine having a different lawyer handle my husband’s case. Thank you Mr. Saleh, and Alpert Schreyer

5 Alex Sabo via google

Alpert is not only brilliant, but I truly believe he cares for his clients. He is the Best! Trust him. He will get it done. I cannot thank him enough!

5 sean parsonage via google

After five minutes in my initial meeting with the Attorney’s at Alpert Schreyer my anxiety regarding my case was alleviated. In their expert hands I was able to show up to court 100% prepared , where my 1st offense DUI was brought down to a misdemeanor. I have no doubt my life would have changed significantly for the worse had I not been in the capable hands of Arya & Alpert. I can never thank you enough!

5 Devon Charles via google

I was very pleased by the way he handled everything as far as my case. Made me feel real comfortable and did a great job. Highly recommended

5 Eric Jones via google

The attorneys and staff at Alpert Schreyer are fantastic professionals. They are candid, well practiced and personable. I had the privilege of working with both Arya Saleh and Andrew Alpert. Both of them know how to navigate the local courts and will give you excellent counsel. If you do what they tell you, they’ll give you the best possible outcome in court.

5 Aloke Prabhu via google

From the very beginning of this process to the end of it Arya Saleh and his team were professional, clearly experts at DUI charges, and very helpful. He provided a blueprint for how we would attack my case and was always available and communicative. In trail, he was eloquent and knew exactly what to say in response to the prosecution. The things that set Arya apart were 1. His ability to take charge of the situation and put me at ease through what was a stressful process and 2. He intimate knowledge of/relationships with the Montgomery county judges and lawyers having worked with most of them as a former prosecutor. I would recommend him for anyone facing DUI charges in Maryland.

5 Santos Aguilar via google

This firm was outstanding. They helped me every step of the way and they knew exactly what they needed to do to get the best results. I highly recommend them.

5 jasmine andrews via google

I am very pleased with Mr. Andrew Alperts work. Everything that he said he was going to do for my case, was done. I highly recommend him for any case.

5 Karen Swain via google

Arya Saleh was very outstanding! He gave me step by step Instructions and I did it. In court it paid off! I’ am so very grateful for him representing me. He is caring yet straight forward. You want him to represent you. In the long run he saved me from paying alot of money and long term consequences. I’am in the referring business and for sure Arya has my vote! Thank you so much!

5 Chan Alex via google

If I can use one word to describe the work of Attorney Saleh, it would be AMAZING! Attorney Saleh treated us with respect and was eager to answer all of our questions. My son and I are happy with the results of his case, thanks to Mr. Saleh. If you require professional legal representation or advice look no further.

5 Naeema Mirza via google

The best lawyer u can depend on ! He’s the Man in maryland that will fight for you !!! I highly recommend him !!!

5 Bobby Bracey via google

Saved my career!! Professionals to the highest power!!! A huge debit of gratitude is owed to The Firm of Alpert and Schreyer and Arya Saleh. Arya guided me through step by step, during a tough trial based on a bad decision. Charges were dismissed, PBJ was granted which will be completed, and I can resume my career!

5 Byg Donkey via google

Awesome experience and extremely professional. I felt in good hands and my anxiety was lessened because of their honest and caring approach.

5 Patricia Paul via google

Thank you Arya Saleh and all of those at Albert Schreyer Poe. You know the law. You made me feel safe in uncertain times. A weight has been lifted. You are angels on earth.

5 Jolly Bittick via google

Highly recommended. I received excellent legal aid and a favorable outcome in my court case.

5 Steven Purwin via google

Great lawyer. Takes care of you from start to finish at a fair price. Takes alot of worry out of the situation

5 Lawanda Hale via google

I was very pleased with the outcome today and the services of this law firm they were very professional I would highly recommend them to anyone that could use their service thank you again I really appreciate y’all

5 Austin Peed via google

Strait up there is NOT a better defense attorney in md. Just my thought he Will fight HARD for you

5 Matthew Stewart via google

Couldn’t of been more happy. The best representation in all of the DMV

5 Ryan Werts via google

With criminal charges starting at age 18 and I’m now 45 I recently got a subsequent charge. Working hard at family and work life over the years this would have ruined it all. Stressed to the max I searched for the person who could do what others couldn’t. Arya and his team structured a plan for me and I walked today from court. Being no stranger to the courtroom he was more than impressive, he owned it. Be honest with him, do what he says and you will no doubt be in the best possible position you could be in when you walk in with him. From the bottom of heart I thank you and your team for all that you did!

5 Michele Poffenberger via google

I was recommended to Arya Saleh by a friend who had used his services previously. Mr. Saleh immediately returned my call. As this was my first DUI and I crashed I was terrified of what my consequences might be and what might happen to my life. Mr. Saleh gave me a blueprint of the classes I should take and that I simply needed to follow his advice. Truthfully, some of it I didn’t understand, but I did it. And I’ve never been more glad. I was looking at heavy consequences, including very large fines and a conviction, rare for a 1st time. Instead I walked out of court with an amazing outcome because I listened to Arya. My life would be very different right now if he hadn’t fought for me. I also have to credit Keri, in his office, for being unfailingly supportive and responsive. She was absolutely the best and I thank her for going above and beyond to put my mind at ease repeatedly. Arya Saleh is worth every penny, no question, if you find yourself in my situation.

5 Gena Tapscott-Cooper via google

As a worried mother, I dreaded the day my son had to go to court. It was his first DUI, but he had multiple charges due to his blood alcohol level at the time he was pulled over. He was facing thousands of dollars in fines and his charges carried jail time. Mr. Arya Saleh gave my son specific instructions to prepare for court (make sure you follow his instructions precisely). The day of court, Mr. Saleh explained everything to our family step by step (to calm my fears) and kept us informed through the process. Ultimately, my son got probation and only had to pay court costs. Mr. Saleh was professional and courteous. I will highly recommend him to anyone in need of a good attorney.

5 Brian Beyer via google

After getting my first DWI, my fiance searched local lawyers in the Frederick, MD area and came across some great reviews for Arya Saleh. We contacted their office and after consulting with him over the phone, we found that he was very knowledgeable when it comes to what to expect when faced with these charges. His experience spoke for itself, because of his background as a former prosecuter, but he was also very friendly and fair in terms of how much it cost for his retainer fee. He and his team were worth every penny of what we paid to retain their services. He recommended a curriculum which he instructed we follow to a T, to ensure the best possible outcome in court. Having followed his instructions exactly, combined his relationships with important figures at the courthouse, he was able to help me get the best outcome possible of probation with no supervision, and minimal fines. I was facing a couple of charges that would’ve resulted in 12+ points on my license, which were completely dropped, along with the thousands of dollars in fees that I was anticipating having to pay for my charges. Mr. Saleh exceeded our expectations, and he is definitely someone you should consider hiring if you are faced with criminal charges. Highly recommend.

5 Madeline Smith via google

Arya Saleh did a spectacular job representing me. Extremely professional, straightforward and communicative. He is experienced with DUI cases in various counties and is familiar with many of the judges. His team was extremely helpful as well, informing me every step of the way. Honestly, don’t keep searching- call him!! Will NOT find a better lawyer in Maryland to defend you!

5 Chris via google

I was faced with a year in jail and thousands of dollars in court fees due to my first time offense DUI and my excessively high blow. I was facing 6 charges, DUI,DWI, and reckless driving to name of the charges I was looking at. Mr. Arya Saleh was highly engaged, professional, and managed to secure me a plea for 18 months supervised probation and succeeded in getting my court fees reduced to 150 dollars as compared to the several thousand I was facing. All in all I highly reccomend Mr. Saleh.

5 Donald Bucci via google

Arya has been my lawyer on my past two court cases (DUI, and two driving on a suspended license). His execution in the courtroom minimized my fines and kept me out of jail. His professionalism but also ability to be upfront and personal with me as a client was very comforting in such a stressful circumstance. His understanding of the legal process and guidance in what to do before my court case was my savior. Going into court, I knew I would be taken care of with Mr. Saleh as my lawyer, and because of that he is the only lawyer I recommend.

5 Shannon Lawrence via google

We are extremely grateful for the counsel of Arya Saleh and the resulting outcome. My son a very young 20 something placed his future in Arya’s experienced hands after being arrested for excessive speeding over 100 MPH while intoxicated blowing a 1.8. Regardless of my concerns that he could have lost his own life, he was now facing a year in jail, over 3 thousand in fines, losing his license, and several other charges. Arya determined what programs were required and placed him on the right path before we ever reached the court steps. On the day of court, I was a nervous mess as any parent would be but Arya well respected in the Frederick area was able to negotiate a deal down to 24 months of unsupervised probation, one point for speeding, and just over $300 in fines. My son now has a second opportunity to become the man I know he can be. Thank you again, Arya!

5 Lane via google

A night of fun at several bars with a few friends resulted in one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I had too much to drink and drove home 1 mile while intoxicated. I was pulled over for speeding. I almost lost my security clearance, faced jail time, thousands in fines, and several charges. My friend Stacy told me to contact her friend Arya about representing me and that he was the best defense attorney for DUI cases in Maryland. I immediately contacted him, and he was very knowledgeable about the entire process regarding DUI’s in Maryland. He was informative and told me about all the homework I would need to complete, to give me the best chance of getting my charges reduced. I listened to Mr. Saleh and followed all his directions. Mr. Saleh was very supportive and accessible throughout this ordeal. All this work paid off. Thanks to Mr. Saleh, I walked away with a PBJ and zero points on my driving record, and unsupervised probation. I would highly recommend Arya Saleh to anyone in a similar situation; you will not regret it and he is well worth it.

5 David Lombardo via google

I was facing a DWI and 3 other charges. Arya Saleh had my charges reduces to probation before judgement with 6 months of supervised probation. He was even able to have the Judge reduce thousands of dollars of court fees to $150. While waiting in the courtroom for my case to be called I was able to observe other lawyers represent and defend their clients and I could not believe how badly prepared the other lawyers were. I was amazed how well prepared Arya was and his ability to defend me in front of the Judge. I highly recommend Arya Saleh!

5 Jessica Miltenberger via google

I found myself in a situation where I needed legal representation. After looking over reviews in the area, I decided to contact Mr. Saleh in the hopes that he could represent me on the day of. Mr. Saleh and Keri put me at ease with their responsiveness and their ability to accommodate my last minute needs. I’ve never needed a lawyer before, and had no idea what to expect. It felt like a wave of relief knowing that you’re working with a professional that knows what he’s doing, and knows how to get things done quickly and efficiently to the best of his ability. I appreciate the time and attention that Mr. Saleh and Keri put into my case. I hope I won’t be needing their services again in the future, but I would absolutely contact them again if I do. Thanks again

5 Jennifer Williams via google

Arya Saleh is the best lawyer you could hire and worth every penny. He is knows the law, is more than comfortable in the court house fighting for his clients and obviously well respected there. Arya Saleh and his team always answered my questions immediately, were specific and clear about steps/actions I needed to take to and most importantly made me feel less anxious about a potentially dooming situation and in the end there was no doom for me because of him.

5 Jessica Heiser via google

Mr. Saleh was a life saver for me during a very difficult time in my life. I reached out to him soon after my charge and immediately felt like I was in good hands. He was extremely knowledgeable and confident that he could be able to help me and even went as far to offer me a reasonable rate despite what his firm normally charges. Upon hiring Arya, he sat down with me and my husband to outline the steps I needed to take in order to encourage the best possible outcome. He responded almost immediately every time I had questions or concerns and absolutely made me feel like I would come out fine after my court hearing. The day of my hearing was nerve-wracking but he was very reassuring and was actually able to have my charge dismissed. I was impressed by the number of people who knew him in passing at the courthouse and that he seemed to have an impeccable reputation there. I’m so glad I chose Mr. Saleh to represent me and I will definitely keep him in mind should I need someone again.

5 Alan Johnson via google

Don’t hesitate. Pay for the Best and have the piece of mind you’ll get the best outcome possible. As a former prosecutor, Arya has built invaluable relationships with the judges and prosecutors you will face. I’m eternally grateful for his support, kindness and professionalism. I’m sure you will be too.

5 Kerrie Taylor via google

From the first day of consultation, Arya Saleh impressed me by his thorough review of the case details. During what was an emotionally devastating time for me and my family, Arya’s accessibility any day of the week by phone/text/email was a lifeline. Arya was a proactive lawyer and gave me a list of instructions to follow which did demand both a time and monetary commitment, but all I can say is trust in his process, he knows what he is doing and will secure the best possible outcome available. Me and my family cannot thank Arya enough!

5 jesse kenote via google

After reading Mr. Arya Saleh’s reviews we decided he had dealt with similar cases and his review were exceptional. He was educational and patient with explaining the legalese I would not have understood otherwise. I listened and followed his direction with his continuous support throughout this ordeal. Thanks to Mr. Saleh I walked away with a PBJ and one point on my driving record. I would highly recommend his services to anyone in a similar situation, you will not regret it.

5 Andrew via google

Arya Saleh recently represented me in my DUI case and let me tell you he knows exactly what he is doing. I was looking at over $4000 in fines and 1yr jail time. He is so good he got everything boiled down to 16hrs of community service and unsupervised probation. Arya Saleh is a one man team when it comes to DUI. He is like the quarter back and linemen all wrapped up in one. He’s going to call the play, hand you the ball and block for you. You job is to get is to follow him in to the end zone for a touchdown. If you want the best outcome in court you only need to do two things 1) hire Arya Saleh 2) when he says jump you say how high!!!

5 Bruce Ilanga via google

I’ve had Arya represent me three times now and each case was seamless and has gone very well for me. Arya is very well known throughout the court house and has great relationships with each and everyone in the building. They aren’t kidding when they say he’s the best lawyer in Frederick!

5 Jake Kaiser via google

DUI charge, almost double the speed limit, open container in car, breathalyzed, way over the limit, and a nasty driving record including felony aggravated assault by vehicle… I was worried about how i was going to stay out of jail. Arya got me off with probation before judgement! Even got the judge to reduce my probation time and wave the thousands in fees! Bottom line, if you really want the best representation and defense you can get, pick Arya Saleh. Listen to what he tells you to do and put your trust in him, he will not let you down. Everyone i spoke to and worked with through the entire process had the same thing to say, “You have the best lawyer there is.” Pick Arya Saleh!

5 kelsey luvsz via google

Why are you still reading the reviews? Don’t waste time. Arya is the lawyer to get when facing a DUI. I was facing my second DUI in less than a year & a violation of probation but my case was dismissed !! Wow I’m still in shock. Thank God I picked him because i was facing jail time & all other repercussions. You’ll learn a great deal from each & every task he tells you to do. He is worth every penny. Thank you again Mr. Saleh.

5 Uldrin via google

Mr. Saleh succeeded in what he said he would do for my difficult case (which was a Hit and Run DUI) He got the prosecution to drop all of my charges except one (DUI Per Se) which was severely reduced (unsupervised PBJ and 300 fine instead of 1000) by the judge because I listened to Mr. Saleh and his great team and I had faith in him. If you are in need of a great DUI lawyer pick Mr. Saleh, I’m happy I did.

5 Tammy Golden via google

Arya Saleh was a supportive and competent advocate for the duration of my daughters case. He laid out a clear and resonable plan for her to follow and the result couldnt have been better. I truly believes he cares about his clients and wants the best possible outcome for them.

5 Brandon Darby via google

I retained the services of Arya Saleh as my lawyer in my DWI case. He was honest, caring, professional, responsive and very knowledgeable. This is the second time I’ve retained his services and in both cases his game plan for my situation got me results I couldn’t imagine possible. I received no jail time and minimal standard probation requirements. He made me feel heard and cared for. I would recommend him to anyone in Frederick looking for DUI/DWI representation.

5 Joe via google

I was charged with a DUI/DWI and a Hit & Run charge. Though this was my first serious offense, I was facing a total of 6 charges, with very severe consequences. Mr. Arya Saleh was able to persuade a plea deal with the Judge. I was able to get 5 of the 6 charges COMPLETELY DROPPED, reducing $400 off a $500 fine and was given 18 months of UNSUPERVISED probation. I walked out of court only paying a total of $157, when I was facing thousands of dollars in fines. Mr. Saleh said, “I did not hit a home run but we hit a GRAND SLAM with the outcome”. I HIGHLY 100% RECOMMEND Mr. Saleh! If you follow his directions every step of the way, Mr. Saleh WILL DO EVERYTHING IN HIS POWER TO GIVE YOU THE BEST OUTCOME! I truly thank Mr. Arya Saleh for everything he did for me during this very stressful and difficult time. Thank you again! ARYA IS THE MAN WITH THE PLAN!!! Five Star Recommendation!

5 Kevin Myers via google

Arya Saleh was worth every dollar. From the very beginning he assured me he would provide the best outcome in which I received. Without his outstanding ability to work with the judicial officers I would have faced jailed time, substantial fines, and loss of license. Ultimately I walked out of the courtroom with 6 of the 7 charges dropped and a probation before judgement (Unsupervised) for the last charge.

5 Simon Shah via google

I was charged with three charges of assault of second degree though I did not have any trouble with law all my life before. The great uncertainty and my lack of the basic knowledge of the judicial system drove me into great fear and even despair at times. As I started to understand the grave consequences if I am convicted with the charges, I called Alpert Shreyer & Poe LLC. Despite of COVID-19, a team was quickly formed to work on my case. Mr. Saleh laid out a mitigation plan and helped me to work through the plan. He answered all my questions promptly, knowledgeably and professionally. As I started to get a better understanding of my case and as I focused on working on the mitigations, fear died down. Mr. Alpert represented me in the court. He set the goals that he would try to achieve before the trial, that is, no jail time, to reduce the number of charges to one and to obtain probation before judgement. He achieved all of the three goals except better – the charge was no longer second degree assault, it became intoxicated endangerment. I am grateful for their sincere heart to help, their exceptional professionalism and capability to deliver the best results beyond my expectation.

5 Keyla Borjas via google

Arya Saleh is definitely the best lawyer for DUI case! He handle my case in a very professional and positive way. I will recommend him to everyone he was able to help me with 0 points on my license. Great lawyer with many years of experience. Thanks Arya Saleh! Thank you Keyla

5 Ken Dai’Nar via google

Arya Saleh Preformed better then I had hoped. Not only was my case dropped before stepping into the court room. His work assignment for me also gave me a better perspective on my life. I could not have asked for a better advocate to protect myself as I continue to protect my family.

5 Jonas Raider via google

Arya Saleh handled my moms DWI case He got her the best possible verdict. He was honest, organized, thorough, kind, knowledgeable and had the right winning attitude. I highly recommend Arya Saleh to anyone that is in need of a winning lawyer. My family is full of lawyers. I know a good lawyer And Mr Saleh showed that he is just that

5 Carlos Aguero via google

Arya is great he got my second DUI case thrown out! Best attorney around, he knows his stuff! This review is from a person who hired this attorney.

5 Ryan Bair via google

Arya makes sure that he gets you the best outcome possible. He tells you everything you need step by step. He makes sure that you know first hand everything that is going to happen. He’s the best at what he does and is very very recommended. Hiring Mr. Arya is worth it every step of the way and some beat DUI lawyer you could hire!

5 Dan Kraus via google

After my DUI arrest, Arya gave me a list of instructions that involved hours of effort on my part and no small amount of money. The goal? To get the minimum sentence possible both criminally and from the DMV. The outcome? Exactly that. Arya knows the law as well and many people in the court system and MVA as well and if you work with him in good faith I believe he will achieve your best possible outcome. Dan

5 Andrew via google

Mr. Arya Saleh did a great job helping me obtain the best possible outcome in my case. He is a top notch professional and very knowledgeable about the processes and system. He answered my questions, told me exactly what I was facing and exactly what needed to be done. If you follow his instructions you won’t regret it. If you need a great trial attorney you should look no further.

5 Andrew Runyon via google

Arya and the firm completely blew my expectations out of the water. Mr. Saleh is a top notch litigator who unlocks possibilities for you that would otherwise remain dormant. Take responsibility with what Arya requires from you and proceed to owning your outcome with the best case scenario. Truthfully, hiring Arya Saleh is a “no brainer”. We’re all skeptics in uncertain situations. Skepticism keeps us from moving forward and doing the things we know we need to do. From the other side of my situation now, I can see that the tentativeness I had before choosing representation is real but Arya is the realist! Good guy, family guy and a beast in the courtroom. I feel joy towards life again and I owe that to Arya at Alpert Schreyer Poe.

5 Jay G via google

If you find yourself in a jam with the law, and are looking for a 5 star defense, DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT AND HIRE ARYA SALEH AND HIS TEAM AT ALPERT SCHREYER POE!!! Earlier this year I got charged with assault, which caused me to violate my probation with a hit and run case. I was super stressed out knowing the severity of the situation, so I decided to look in to the best rated lawyers in the area. Low and behold, I quickly found Mr. Saleh and contacted him. We discussed the details of my case over the phone because of the Coronavirus Pandemic limitations. I quickly became comfortable and trusting in Mr. Saleh Even though I didn’t get to consult with him in person! He assured me I was in great hands with him in my corner and I believed him! After hiring him, Mr. Saleh went over a step by step instruction guide with me for me to follow. He told me everything I needed to do To a T. This went a long way! The office staff was amazing as well! They communicated quick and clear, notifying me of any updates with my case. I am more than happy to say that upon completing Mr. Saleh’s recommended instructions leading up to court, my charges were dropped and expunged from my record! I got in trouble during the thick of a pandemic. I hired Arya Saleh and he took great care of me!!! I trusted him with my well-being, and you can trust him to!!!

5 Caroline Kercheval via google

From the moment I first spoke to Arya to the moment I walked out of the courthouse almost a year later (with the absolute best case scenario results I might add) he made me feel not only that he cared but also gave me a sincere sense of peace knowing my future was in his very capable hands. Facing any sort of judgement quickly instills a feeling that your life is no longer in your hands and Arya never failed to bring me back to my center gravity throughout my entire case. I was facing potentially a 2nd DUI offense with the possibility of jail time and with his guidance, knowledge and representation I walked away from my situation with no conviction, no jail time and no fines. Arya literally saved my future. To say I am thankful for his hard work and dedication is an understatement. I sincerely hope I never need legal council again but if I do, I know who to call and who I can depend on. Thank you Arya for everything!

5 Abiola Talabi via google

Mr. Arya represented me in court today and I could not be happier with my decision to hire him. He is an extremely intelligent and confident attorney who will deliver in the courtroom. I 100% recommend him to anyone in need of help!.plus he his well respected in the court house .he knows the system so well and he got me the best result.Thank you once again God bless you

5 warren darby via google

Let me tell you when we needed hope he gave us hope. When we needed inspiration he gave us inspiration. Arya truly cares about you and your situation what ever that may be. I would HIGHLY recommend Arya and his firm to anyone in need of legal assistance. You will not be disappointed.

5 Olivia Culver via google

I wholeheartedly recommend the Alpert Schreyer law firm and urge anyone in need of the services of an excellent trial attorney to look no further than their legal team. My case was handled by Mr. Arya Saleh, who proved to be thoroughly professional, knowledgeable, highly capable, well networked, proactive, and sympathetic. I followed his advice from the first time we met and his guidance, support, and preparation for trial resulted in the best possible outcome for me. I consider myself very lucky to have had his counsel and unequivocally and without hesitation submit that he and his firm are top notch. Thank you, Mr. Saleh and Alpert Schreyer. O.C.

5 kambiz b via google

I received a DUI on July 2019 and it was my first charge. I got arrested and showed 1.0 when they tested me. I searched online and saw the penalties from 1yr jail time all the way to 4K of fees I could face. After my research, I found Mr.Saleh. He is such a positive and honest person and as soon as I talked to him I felt very good. He asked me to do few things while waiting for court time and he kept saying don’t listen to anyone because I have your back. Today was the court day and he did what he promised me since day 1. I received ZERO points out of 12 potential points. He dropped 3 out of 4 charges I had and I only paid $150 worth of fine from $4000. I received Probation before Judgment and he converted my DUI to DWI. I highly recommend him and words cant describe my happiness right now. Mr. Saleh, Thank you, Thank you, and THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!

5 Robert Long via google

I was looking at a bunch of charges DUI, DWI,and more. Was referred to Arya and he responded quickly to my call an got working on my case and got me doing all the things to help me with the case.He does everything possible to ease the stressful situation in the courtroom. He got me the outcome I thought impossible.The staff at the firm Sandra,Samantha,Najmah were very helpful and knowledgeable.I would whole heartedly refer Arya for any legal need you have.

5 Stephanie Garcia via google

In December 2018 I was arrested for my 2nd DUI, and immediately contacted Mr. Saleh as he had represented me with my first arrest. Mr. Saleh immediately returned my call, and arranged to meet with me. He laid out all the consequences I was facing as a result of receiving a 2nd DUI, and then provided a concise blueprint for what I needed to do before my court case. He was supportive, knowledgeable and always answered the smallest question, putting my mind at ease every step of the way. I followed all of his advice. Today I walked out of court, facing jail time, high fines, and a conviction I would never be able to deny with probation before judgement, a year of supervised probation and community service, and minimal fines. No conviction, no jail, my life back with lessons finally learned to lead a different kind of life. I absolutely credit Arya Saleh, from Alpert Schreyer, for this miracle.

5 Shannan Ennis via google

I made the right choice when I contacted Mr. Saleh and asked him to represent me after I was charged with a DUI. When I researched attorneys in my area I read too many reviews to count. Mr. Saleh’s reviews were all excellent, so I decided to call him first. I am so glad I did. He met me the next day and explained all the scenarios I was facing and guided me through exactly what I needed to do to help my case and ease my nerves. He answered all my questions, calmed me down, and his expertise was very reassuring. Thanks to his advice and representation I received the best possible outcome of PBJ. I highly recommend Mr. Saleh

5 Jim Drury via google

Mr. Saleh from the moment I contacted him was a true and honest gentleman. He listened to my issues, concerns, and wishes. He explained my options to me clear and concisely. He and his firm are obviously well respected by both prosecutors and judges. He, once a path was decided, gave me clear instructions to follow. After following his instructions, my case was decided better than he had assured. Many thanks and a pleasure to meet such a professional.

5 John Glass via google

Mr Saleh an his team was very helpful an knowledgeable when it come to my dui case. He got me a dui per se charge with minimal fines an unsupervised probation. His knowledgeable with the ways of the court was second to none an would recommend him an his firm to anyone

5 Kelly Lohman via google

There is no doubt that Mr. Saleh literally cared about me, and represented me with the same zealous spirit he would for his best friend or his own family. I turned to Mr. Saleh after having already hired an attorney that I quickly realized only had one track in mind, and what happened to me didn’t seem to much matter to him. The loss of money was well worth it. My case was a 2nd DUI in Howard County. I blew, failed the field sobriety test, and had admitted to drinking. I was facing jail time, loss of my license or at the least an interlock system, and the possibility of ruined career as a registered nurse. Mr. Saleh knows the judges and prosecutors, and uses this knowledge to set the course of your case. He got a continuance when it was in my best interest, and moved the case to circuit court to best represent me. His game plan was never set in stone because he is able to change course depending on events happening on the very day you are in court, and what is in your best interest the entire time. He didn’t like the prosecutors plea agreement, recognized the prosecutors weak energy, and took control of the courtroom. He approached the bench, spoke directly to the judge, and, well, I walked out of there with a Probation before Judgement, 18 months supervised probation, and minimal fees. No community service, no interlock system, and a heavy burden lifted off me. I am forever grateful to him and his whole firm. Thank you Mr. Saleh…..from the depths of my heart

5 Q Q via google

Found Arya using Avvo and after interviewing with a handful of attorneys, also found on Avvo, I chose to hire Arya. He was quick to get back to me initially and answer my questions as much as he could. Once I officially hired as my representation, he broke down what the game plan would be and what he expected of me to complete prior to day in court. Follow his plan and it puts you and Arya in the best possible position for working a more favorable outcome in front of the judge. Do none of it and show up with nothing, the judge will have all the leverage and it won’t matter who your attorney is, as they’re constrained to rule of law too and aren’t miracle workers even though we all wish for it. Well respected and well liked in the Frederick courts. Straight shooter with no sugar coating.

5 Michael Calfo via google

I recently hired Arya Saleh to represent me with my second DUI. He got me the very best outcome possible. I recommend hiring him if you have had DUI/DWI issues. If you do hire him listen and do exactly what he recommends.

5 andy e via google

Mr. Saleh represented me for my second DUI and I could not be more satisfied. His professionalism and knowledge was world class. He consulted me on a plan that was clearly detailed to help with my court case and was instrumental in receiving a PBJ. Mr. Saleh explained all facets of what to expect and surpassed all expectations. I highly recommend Mr. Saleh to represent you in any court of law.

5 Sa Ba2020 via google

When you are in trouble, Mr. Saleh is who you want on your side. Mr. Arya Saleh is caring, very astute, knowledgeable, professional, and also well-respected by his peers. This is the second time I have used his services and I have absolutely no regrets.

5 Bobby via google

The service I received from Mr. Saleh and his team was nothing short of impeccable. Even for a tough case like mine I received an amazing outcome that I couldn’t be happier with. There is no better man for the job. If you’re reading this, do yourself a favor and don’t waste anymore time looking at other lawyers. Arya is the man.

5 Dave D via google

WOW! best lawyer money can get. I was facing my 4th dui in a short time frame and I searched the best lawyers in Maryland and it brought up the Alpert Schreyer firm, I sent an email to the link and received a quick response from Mr. Saleh and he set up a meeting for a few days later. He gave me a game-plan of things to do before court and I followed his instructions. Long story short he got all of my charges dropped and I didn’t even have to go into the court room. He is definitely the best and if you’re worried about the cost ask yourself what’s losing everything you have worked for in life worth. Stop thinking about it and reading reviews and call him..that way you can start putting your life back together. He also turned me onto AA which has really gave me another chance at leading a better and healthier life. I can not Thank You enough Mr. Saleh for saving me!!!

5 Tyler Rock via google

Mr. Saleh represented me in court today and I could not be happier with my decision to hire him. He is an extremely intelligent and confident attorney who will deliver in the courtroom. I 100% recommend him to anyone in need of help!

5 Lisa Newcomer via google

The first thing I noticed about Mr. Saleh was how easy he was to talk to. I felt like I could be friends with the guy. When it came time to do business, he was very forthcoming with information and advice needed to make informed decisions. At the end, all decisions were mine but he made sure to lay everything out on the table first, ensuring the decisions made were the best possible. He’s very personable and has many useful connections. I really feel like Mr. Saleh could’ve defended me in his sleep.

5 Kyle S via google

Arya is fantastic. He laid out a clear game plan in the very beginning, and was there to quickly help with any questions along the way. The results were just as promised and couldn’t have been any better. You won’t regret hiring him.

5 David Willliams via google

Within the first few minutes of meeting Mr. Arya Saleh we knew he was our lawyer and we did not need to look any further. He did more than just represent this case. He helped change a life and the results of the case exceeded expectations.

5 Nancy via google

Mr Saleh was referred to us by a family friend and after reading the reviews on this site we hired him to represent our son. Mr Saleh expertly advised us and my son followed his recommendations and plan exactly. His representation resulted in the best case scenario in terms of judgement. I highly recommend him as a professional and attorney who takes his job seriously. We are very fortunate to have him as our attorney. I highly recommend him.

5 Gary Fix via google

Arya Saleh in my opinion is the best attorney in the state of Maryland, his expertise and knowledge of the court system is truly unsurpassed,do everything that he tells you to do completely, this MAN knows what he is doing so don’t take anyone else’s advice on anything!! He is not just another ordinary attorney! REMEMBER ONE THING!! He is THE ATTORNEY!! He’s not cheap by any means and like anything else you get what you pay for!! I can tell you one thing, THIS MAN and the law firm that he represents is SECOND TO NONE!! Hire this MAN and his PROFESSIONAL TEAM! You absolutely ,positively WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!

5 Keith Young via google

From the first meeting until my day in court, Mr. Saleh exceeded my expectations. I felt like more than a client. He not only took my case into consideration but also the personal/family affects it could have. I do not foresee any future need for a lawyer, but if I did I would without a doubt hire him again and diligently follow any guidance he offers. He has certainly earned a 5 star review and my sincerest thanks.

5 Audrey S. Perez via google

Needed a lawyer and found Arya and his team online. We spoke on the phone and also met in person. He was available for calls/texts whenever I had questions. Arya is professional, knowledgeable and very detailed. He is a great lawyer!! Thank you Arya!

5 Shew-sical Entertainment Services via google

Absolutely AWESOME attorneys! Arya Selah is fantastic. For anyone who needs a lawyer that is incredibly knowledgeable, has your best interests at heart, and will tell you the truth(and not just what you want to hear,) Arya Selah is your man. Thank you, Arya and God Bless!

5 Jarek Dombrowski via google

Arya was very professional and helped me in a desperate time of need and could not be more thankful to him and his staff. He put together a plan and when followed felt less stressed throughout the entire process. 10/10 would recommend.

5 Russell McCrossin via google

I highly recommend this firm . With my 3rd DUI charge I walked out of court with a PBJ and 1 year supervised probation. Do everything he tells you to do and you will not be disappointed.

5 Lori Dilaire via google

3 DWI/DUI’S!!!! A BETTER OUTCOME THAN I COULD HAVE EVER EXPECTED!! Arya Saleh guided me the whole way to a new life! He has a great plan for your defense and recovery. He knows the INS &OUTS of the legal system and will give the best help available!

5 Antonio Chewning via google

A wonderful Law firm!!!!Albert Schhreyer Poe,LLC. I want to think Mr.Alpert Schreyer Poe!!!!! And his firm for everything!!!! They help me with my case!!!! An your firm will always be the firm for me,Love you all,They was very productive and professional!!!!!

5 Josh Eppley via google

When all hope felt lost Arya stepped up and brought confidence back…. he also takes the time and goes out of his way to make you feel like you’re his only client… he is extremely knowledgeable and extremely good at what he does gives excellent advice…. and knows which turns to take being for the good or bad I would definitely recommend him to anybody in need of help and would definitely use him again if need be but hopefully not….. so if you are looking look no further Arya is the choice to make to better your future

5 Brian Kaigler via google

Ayra is the best. He is invested 100% into your well being. Ayra cares about you as a person. He wants your life to be changed for the better. It has been a soul stirring experience with Ayra and his firm. Ayra truly has your best interest at heart.

5 frenzy via google

Working with this firm has been fantastic! The level of professionalism and communication is incredible. Me and my family cannot thank this firm enough for providing us with the best possible outcome, in a very stressful situation.

5 BarakYah144 via google

My man Arya took me from a felony to misdemeanor. Told me exactly what I had to do and I did it.. excellent guy, you won’t regret hiring him. A1

5 Nick Wilkie via google

Mr. Saleh was super professional and friendly. Turns out he is a fan of where I work! He laid everything out on the table for consequences and deals and everything. Definitely recommend to anyone seeking counsel!

5 Devon Charles via google

I was very pleased by the way he handled everything as far as my case. Made me feel real comfortable and did a great job. Highly recommended

5 Not4U 2kno via google

I had a V.O.P charge and worried about being in jail or on probation for 2 more years… After court no probation, no jail, no nothing… He did a great job! Very professional.

5 C Dub via google

Very professional people. I felt comfortable knowing I had chosen them to handle my situation and in the end, I was very happy with the results. I wouldn’t hesitate that call them in the future if needed.

5 Delano via google

Highly satisfied with my experience. Was a thorough professional he educated me on what to expect and what my outcome would be. Recommend 10/10

5 gavin kandrick via google

I chose Mr. Alpert’s firm and it was probably the best decision I could’ve ever made. I came to him with a DUI case and he got me off of the case with just a fine and a slap on the wrist! Mr. Alpert is a phenomenal lawyer and gave me the proper recourses and knowledge to get the matters of my case taken care of. He promised me that I was going to be the most prepared person in the court room and his promises came to fruition. Thank you so much for all the help Mr. Alpert!

5 Rasheed Williams via google

Mr.Saleh and his team were phenomenal throughout the entire process of my case. I was charged with 11 fines including DWI and DUI. I am pleased to announce all my fines were dropped except for one. I pleaded guilty to DUI per say and received no points on my license and my fines were reduced. Please make sure you follow the mitigation plan provided. In addition, listen to everything Mr.Saleh and his team advise you to do. If you want someone who is devoted and extremely thorough, secure Mr. Saleh and his team to represent you!

5 Mario Samayoa via google

Mr. Saleh and his office were outstanding. I contacted Mr. Saleh with very short notice regarding my DUI case and he acted on it immediately. He got me the deal of a lifetime no points DUI charges dropped and a very small guilty plea. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. This was a life altering case and he made it priority to give me the best plea agreement. I don’t believe anyone else could’ve got me a better deal and I am forever grateful for his services. Thank you so much Mr. Saleh!

5 Jetta Red via google

Holy cow! Everything everyone else has said about Arya Saleh of Alpert Schreyer Poe is true. He is the best of the best! Before hiring Mr. Saleh (actually, “partnering” is a better description), we had shopped around and spoken to two other well-respected firms that specialized in DUI cases. They pretty much laid out the same approach to handling our case. However, the BIG difference between Mr. Saleh and the others was that he truly was concerned not only with a short-term win, but with a long-term success for us. He understands the destructive effects of alcoholism and wants his clients to come out of their experience better and stronger, and better able to cope with any of life’s challenges. He knows the programs and the people that will help you overcome your demons. He knows the courts and attorneys and judges that will determine your future. He will lay out a plan that works and that you MUST follow if you want the best outcome possible. He told us from the beginning that he doesn’t work miracles, but in our case, he was wrong. Instead of months of jail time, we have come out of this experience, not without consequences, but certainly freer, healthier, and stronger than we would have been otherwise. If you are charged with a DUI or DWI, you do not want to go cheap. You will get what you pay for and the long-term effects of a bad court outcome will cost you many times more in the long run. It will cost you your future successes. Don’t think twice about making Arya Saleh your lawyer!

5 Ashley Duffy via google

Arya is hands down the best lawyer around. I’ve heard that from other people that knew him too. We went to court today for my first DUI, DWI, hit and run, etc. I had 5 total charges and an accident. 4/5 charges were dropped and I got probation before judgement for only 1 of the lesser charges! I could have served time in jail and had thousands of dollars in court fees but I only had to pay $160. Do all of the things he tells you to do before court, take it seriously and make sure your binder is thorough and neat and you will give him everything he needs to give you the best possible outcome! Do not even consider any other lawyer for a DUI. Hire Arya. I even had a tough judge and he still was able to get me best case scenario results and I couldn’t be more relieved or grateful to have him on my side today!

5 James Gallagher III via google

My original charges were DUI and Mr. Alpert got it dropped down to a negligent driving charge. Didn’t know what to do at first, it was very stressful but their lawyers and paralegals helped me through it and were available consistently to help. It’s expensive but I doubt you’ll find a better firm. Just do what they tell you and you’ll get the help you need.

5 Nicole Burton via google

Mike Berman is absolutely phenomenal and very professional. He always made a point to contact me regarding any changes in my case and made sure that i understood completely what was going on. He knows exactly what they judges would like to see and makes sure that you are well prepared for court. If i ever needed to contact him, he was always willing to talk no matter what. I got my first DUI/DWI in Sept 2020. I blew a .22 with a child in the car and i got the absolute best outcome that i could have. I have unsupervised probation for 18 months

5 Patrick Mead via google

Andy did his thing in court today and got me acquitted of DUI. He did his homework and ultimately won because of it. Will add that the communication through the paralegals, Kerri and Sandy, were very sweet and helpful. They’re all expensive but if you have the money, hire them.

5 John Brock via google

Arya Saleh is the best Choice! There is no better lawyer than Arya Saleh. He is the complete package. As a former prosecutor, he knows all of the angles in any case and has the experience to exploit the opportunities. He has an intimate knowledge of the various courts and their respective judges which he uses aggressively to position his cases favorably. He is extremely hard working and as such is always available through a telephone call or text. In fact, he never took longer than 5 minutes to call me back with advice that was always insightful. In addition, he is genuinely a good person who cares about his clients. And if this is not enough, he has a staff that is extremely professional and organized managing the day to day activities. Arya Saleh is the best lawyer you will find. He is your man!

5 Ben Tekle via google

My first DUI case was back in 2008 which I used Andrew Alpert. The first time I met Andrew Alpert I was very impressed with the wealth of knowledge he had regarding DWI/DUI cases. He is very professional and straight to the point does not sugarcoat anything, which I really liked. He was able to get my first DUI case dismissed. I was facing a 2nd DUI case and I reached out again to law firm of Alpert Schreyer Poe, LLC. Andrew Alpert remembered who I was and referred me to Arya Saleh another incredible and amazing lawyer who was able to get my 2nd DUI case dismissed. Lastly, I was yet facing a 3rd DUI case, so I reached out to Alpert Schreyer Poe, LLC again and between Arya Saleh and Andrew Alpert they were able to get me off with a probation and no jail time. I would recommend them to anyone facing DWI/DUI cases. I would also like to take this time out to thank you the Alpert Schreyer Poe, LLC law firm and the entire staff. Especially, Najmah Rashad for all her support

5 Julie Owens via google

Mr.Saleh was my son’s lawyer for a DUI charges. He provided my husband and I with a piece of mind that he would be able to help my son. His office provided support when we needed it and Mr.Saleh was also available for help when we needed it. I personally thank him for helping to provide my son a second chance. I would recommend him. Thank you

5 Kevin Willis via google

Ayra Saleh is the best DUI attorney out there. He will take care of you. He a very honest, straight, cheerful guy. I promise he will not let you down. Ayra Saleh got me a deal that was unheard of!!! He represented me expertly at my MVA hearing and answered all my questions ASAP. I did not have my license suspended, I did not have to pay a high fine, and I did not feel like I was treated like a criminal. If you want the BEST result , go to Ayra Saleh ! He is a very hard worker and is determined. Thanks Ayra Saleh !!! 5 stars 4sure!

5 Travis Owens via google

Very supportive and caring office. Mr.Saleh was the best lawyer. He provide me with a great defense team that helped me through my case step by step. I would recommend him to everyone. He handle my case with a personal touch and not just another client.

5 humanvermin via google

This law firm is top notch. They really care about the client and the case. I have dealt with other lawyers before who take your money and basically forget about you but these guys really put the effort in. If you are facing DUI/DWI charges in MD you need to call this firm. Make sure you do the “homework” assignments they give you and listen to their advice and you will be well prepared when appearing before the judge. I highly recommend this law firm.

5 Jon M via google

Mr. Saleh and his team were excellent from beginning to end. Out of eight charges, all were dropped except one which he successfully obtained a PBJ and unsupervised probation for me. Couple of thousand in fees were reduced to only the $57 court fee. Highly recommend! I am very much at ease and rest now thanks to his professionalism and expertise.

5 Kendra Watson via google

if you’re reading this review, stop what you’re doing and hire Arya Saleh right now! He knows exactly what he’s doing and made what seemed impossible, possible! I had 6 charges including a DUI and DWI, both of which were dropped. Out of the 6 charges and $1800 fines I only had to pay one fine of $200 and pleaded guilty to a wreck less driving charge. And listen to this: NO POINTS ON MY LICENSE. Just follow Mr. Saleh’s directions and I promise you’ll be more than satisfied with your results.

5 Daniel Epps via google

For being in the unfortunate situation of having to deal with a DUI, Arya makes it as easy and painless as possible through effective communication, and a straightforward and honest approach. HIGHLY recommended and I guarantee you will feel the same.

5 CSS Inc via google

Arya No words can describe this guy is the best lawyer. He makes it worth every penny. He is so good you want to get in trouble again so you can see him in action.

5 Caitlin Lomazzo via google

An expert in his field, Mr. Alpert knows how to attack cases from all angles. I attended a training for local attorneys that he single-handedly organized and led. Attorneys posed questions based on their experiences and expertise. Mr. Alpert was able to respond to all inquiries with insightful answers, recommendations, and advice. Mr. Alpert has extensive knowledge from years of trying cases and attending specialized trainings that allows him to identify the best courses of action for clients.