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Abuse or Neglect of Vulnerable Adults

Abuse or Neglect of Vulnerable Adults in Maryland

Have you been charged for the abuse or neglect of a vulnerable adult in Maryland? If so, you need a capable defense team to go to bat for you. A charge for abuse is a serious matter—it may result in incarceration, fines, and the stripping of your rights. Fortunately, the team at Alpert Schreyer is here to help.

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Backed by more than 30 years of practice, Alpert Schreyer understands how troubling it can be to face criminal conviction. We also understand how to defend against criminal charges to protect our clients from conviction—to date, we have defended thousands of clients throughout the state of Maryland. The National Trial Lawyers, Super Lawyers®, and Martindale-Hubbell, among others, have acclaimed us for our effective representation. Put our extensive experience to work for you.

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Maryland Laws Protecting Vulnerable Adults

A vulnerable adult is anyone over the age of 18 who does not have the physical or mental capacity to care for themselves. Frankly, many people are not aware of the laws in place to protect vulnerable adults from abuse or neglect. These laws apply to custodians, primary caregivers, family members, household members, or any person tasked with permanently or temporarily supervising or caring for a vulnerable adult. Should any of these parties fail to ensure that the needs of vulnerable adults under their care are met, they may face a charge of abuse or neglect of a vulnerable adult.

A charge for abuse or neglect of a vulnerable adult may apply to any of the following types of maltreatment:

  • Abandonment: deserting the vulnerable adult
  • Abuse: physical, sexual, emotional, or mental abuse of the vulnerable adult
  • Financial exploitation: taking advantage of the vulnerable adult’s financial resources
  • Neglect: failing to provide essential care to the vulnerable adult
  • Undue influence: when a person in power exploits the trust of the vulnerable adult to gain control over their decisions

First- and Second-Degree Abuse or Neglect of a Vulnerable Adult

State law breaks the abuse or neglect of a vulnerable adult into two degrees. Both degrees involve breaching the duty of care owed to the adult, with the main difference being that the first degree applies to cases that either:

  • Resulted in catastrophic or fatal injury to the vulnerable adult; or
  • Involved the sexual abuse of the vulnerable adult.

First-degree abuse or neglect of a vulnerable adult is considered a felony and could result in up to 10 years in prison and/or a fine of no more than $10,000. Second-degree abuse or neglect of a vulnerable adult is a misdemeanor and, thus, carries a lighter penalty of up to 5 years in prison and/or a fine of no more than $5,000.

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