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Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence laws in Maryland are broad, covering everything from violent assault to stalking to destruction of property. If you have been accused, there is no time to waste. Anyone convicted of domestic violence could face high fines and jail time.

Our tough defense attorneys are here to make sure your rights are protected if you’re facing domestic violence charges. Police are allowed to make arrests with no warrant, using only their judgement to determine probable cause. Courts also tend to work quickly when it comes to these accusations. You could also find yourself on the other side of a restraining order, meaning you won’t be able to go back to your home or see your children. In a worst-case scenario, you might be detained until a trial can be set. Being forcibly removed from your job and other obligations can be the start of an unfortunate ripple effect.

Your future could depend on choosing the right defense attorneys to have your back. The Maryland domestic violence lawyers at Alpert Schreyer, LLC have over 30 years of experience defending those accused of assault, abuse, sex crimes, and other serious offenses. We know just how big an impact such charges can have on your life. As former prosecutors, all our attorneys have an understanding of the criminal justice system other teams do not. We can help you evaluate your choices from the view of someone who has been on the other side and may be willing to lend lenience and/or understanding if you make the right moves.

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Penalties for Domestic Violence

Domestic violence charges may be brought at a misdemeanor or felony level. Having charges reduced or even removed can improve your outlook. If found guilty of a serious charge, you are likely to face jail time. Otherwise, you may be able to retain your freedom with an agreement that includes probation and counseling or treatment.

There are no special charges for violence between partners or family members. Assault, harassment, and sex crime statutes lay out the various degrees and punishments for each accusation. When these accusations become “domestic violence” cases because they are made among members of the same household or family, the basics do not change. However, Maryland has separate courts to handle such cases, and some may judge the accused more harshly because of the “domestic” label attached. Our criminal defense attorneys can make a strong argument on your behalf to counteract this potential bias.

Criminal Domestic Violence Charges

Accusations may include one or more of the following felony violations:

  • First-degree assault
  • First-degree abuse of a vulnerable adult
  • First-degree rape
  • First-degree attempted rape
  • Second-degree rape
  • Second-degree attempted rape
  • Third-degree sexual offense
  • Child kidnapping
  • Child abuse

Some felonies, including first-degree rape, have a maximum penalty of life in prison without the possibility of parole. While most sentences for the above crimes are lower, felons may lose their right to vote or hold public office and have trouble finding employment or housing.

Misdemeanors charges include:

Misdemeanor charges can result in prison sentences that last up to 10 years and/or fines ranging from $500-$5,000.

Penalty Enhancements

Judges may choose to increase sentences or fines for factors such as prior offenses or the use of weaponry. Our justice system is heavily biased toward punitive measures such as these, even when they are unwarranted. If you might be considered eligible for an enhancement, our attorneys can make a case for a lesser punishment.

We Can Fight for You

If you are facing domestic violence charges, you may find yourself dealing with the consequences for years to come. Though not often, these charges may be used in divorce cases or custody disputes. In fact, some partners attempt to wield them as a form of violence to manipulate situations in their favor.

No matter the circumstances surrounding your accusations, we want to hear your side of the story. You deserve a full and fair defense, no matter who is on the other side of the courtroom. Especially in cases that can have a heavy emotional impact, prosecutors may push for harsher sentencing because they believe it will make them look good, not because they think it is just. Our Maryland domestic violence attorneys can stand up to these unfair tactics and watch for any signs the state is trying to infringe upon your rights.

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