New State Sponsored App Could Help You Avoid a DUI

NEW STATE SPONSORED APP COULD HELP YOU AVOID A DUIThe State of Maryland has helped develop and release an application that could help you avoid a DUI. The app is called ENDUI and you can download it for free through Google or Apple. Essentially, what ENDUI does is help you determine if you are over the legal limit without having to take a Breathalyzer test. First, you enter your gender and weight and then you put in what drinks you’ve consumed and when they were consumed. The app will then tell you if you are potentially over the legal limit to drive.

Additionally, the application has games that will help you determine your response times. If you do poorly on the games, it could be a sign that your reactions are impaired. ENDUI can even help you call a designated friend or local Maryland cab company to acquire a ride home. Additionally, others may use ENDUI on their phones to report you for drunk driving.

Maryland officials hope that iPhone and Android users start using ENDUI right away. There were 152 people killed in Maryland drunk driving accidents last year, which means that a third of all fatal crashes statewide involve alcohol. These are preventable accidents, so hopefully, this application will encourage drivers to call a cab.

If you do choose to use ENDUI, remember that it is not 100 percent accurate. It may tell you that you are under the limit when you are in fact impaired. Furthermore, a judge will not care if a phone application told you that you were okay to drive. The blood alcohol test taken at the station will prove much more convincing. So, use the application as a tool, but do not rely on it. If you are under the influence, it is best to avoid driving.

If you are pulled over for impaired driving, make sure you take action right away. Call a Maryland DUI defense attorney and do not answer any questions until your attorney is by your side. No one should face DUI charges in Maryland without an experienced DUI defense lawyer on his or her side.

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