Changes in Gun Control Laws Coming this October?

Gun Control Law Changes on the Horizon

Changes in Gun Control Laws Coming this OctoberMaryland Gun Control Laws have been a hot topic of discussion for quite some time in the media, as well as among Maryland lawmakers and attorneys, and it’s possible we could see some changes coming soon.

The topic is controversial and the subject of innumerable heated debates. Maryland is one of the least armed states in the US and is well known to have some of the strictest gun laws. Currently, you can only get a “wear and carry” permit if:

– You are an adult

– You have substantial reason to wear, carry or otherwise transport a handgun. (i.e. the wear and carry permit is a necessary and reasonable precaution against danger)

– You are a business owner, armored car guard or have documented personal threats against your life

The current laws do not provide otherwise for personal self-defense.

Del. Kevin Hornberger is among the lawmakers who say they want gun control laws changed for the safety of the public and was recently quoted as saying “We’re going to restore rights and we’re going to make this a safer place to live.” The primary complaint with current laws is simply that they don’t take into account general public safety and self-defense and many lawmakers believe the current Maryland gun laws are outdated.

Some authorities, like Senator Wayne Norman (District 35) believe that Maryland’s current gun laws put more emphasis on guarding money than being able to protect your family.  Conversely, others like Marylanders to Prevent Gun Violence president Vincent Demarco believes that changing the gun laws will simply mean too many people with guns on the streets and too much opportunity for small incidents to turn into crises.

The result of this controversy remains to be seen, but the bottom line is that soon it could be easier for you or anyone to purchase a gun as lawmakers push for change.  If the gun laws are ultimately changed, the new laws could go into effect as soon as October of this year.

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