Collateral Consequences of Criminal Records for College Students

Collateral Consequences of Criminal Records for College StudentsCollege students often get into trouble. They are often living without constant parental supervision for the first time in their lives, which can lead them to make errors in judgment. While many people may consider the mishaps of college students to be all in good fun, conduct can have very real and serious lasting consequences if the police arrest a college student for a criminal offense. With nearly 30,000 undergraduate students at the University of Maryland alone, you can imagine that college student arrests happen on a regular basis.

The following are only some of the common criminal offenses college students face in Maryland:

A conviction of any crime in Maryland can mean probation, fines, or even time in jail. While these penalties can be costly, having a criminal conviction on your record can derail your entire future.


Imagine that someone gets a scholarship to play Division I basketball at the University of Maryland with hopes to head to the NBA after college. Police officers bust in on a party and find the freshman with prescription drugs without a prescription. While it may not seem like a serious deal at first, the following can occur:

  • Due to criminal drug charges, the freshman becomes ineligible to play basketball
  • The inability to play basketball causes him to lose his athletic scholarship
  • The drug-related conviction disqualifies him for federal financial aid
  • He cannot afford tuition without financial assistance and must leave school
  • Other colleges will not accept him because of his criminal record

This is only one of many scenarios that may play out. Criminal records can also affect a student’s ability to get into graduate programs, eligibility for professional licenses, eligibility for certain jobs, and much more.

It is a reality that a single decision in college can affect the entire path of your future. For this reason, it is critical for any college student to avoid a criminal conviction whenever they can. It’s important to seek help from an experienced criminal defense lawyer who appreciates the impact a conviction can have on their lives and who will fight for their rights. By limiting the penalties you face now, your attorney can also limit the overall impact of a criminal case on the rest of your life.


If you or your college-aged child faces criminal charges in Maryland, it is critical for your future that you contact a highly experienced criminal defense lawyer at Alpert Schreyer, LLC. While college students may seem young, they face charges in criminal court along with everyone else, and the law does not go easy on them just because of their age. You need a criminal defense law firm that will protect your rights and your future in every way possible. Please call (301) 494-9620 or contact us online to discuss your situation for free today.

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