Consequences of DUI for College Athletes

Consequences of DUI for College AthletesMaryland is home to many higher education institutions that compete in Division I of the NCAA. Talented athletes from across the country receive scholarships to play various sports at the University of MarylandLoyola UniversityMount St. Mary’s University, and others. When you work hard to excel at a sport in high school, learning that you received an athletic scholarship can thrill you. Not only does this give you the opportunity to continue playing, but it can help many students attend college or university programs they otherwise could not afford. Many student-athletes rely on their scholarships and other financial aid to attend college.

What happens when a student-athlete gets arrested for drunk driving? In many cases, the athlete will then face charges of driving under the influence (DUI) in Maryland state criminal court. If convicted of DUI, the athlete will face a sentence that may involve a driver’s license suspension, fines, probation, or even time in jail. However, this is far from the end of a student-athlete’s concerns after a DUI conviction.

Every college and university has its own Code of Conduct to which students must adhere. When students violate the Code of Conduct, they can face harsh sanctions from the school administration. Schools may even disqualify students from participating in athletics upon a criminal conviction.

Not only is the inability to play sports disappointing for student-athletes, but ineligibility can lead to a wide array of additional problems. Student-athletes who cannot play sports can lose their athletic scholarships.

  • Without the scholarship, the student may not be able to afford tuition
  • The student may have to drop out of school or transfer to a different program
  • The student may lose college credits or lose the ability to pursue an intended career path
  • Students who want to play professional sports may lose the ability to do so if they do not have NCAA playing time.

Note that at many schools, criminal convictions can also lead to the loss of all financial aid, suspension, or even expulsion.


DUI arrests can particularly hurt students younger than the legal drinking age of 21. If you are underage, your driver’s license comes with a restriction that disallows you to drive with any amount of alcohol in your system. This is called zero tolerance for underage drivers. Unlike drivers of legal drinking age, you do not have to have a blood alcohol content of 0.08 percent for a presumption of impairment. Even a minimal BAC can result in an arrest and charges for underage DUI, which can then lead to consequences at your college or university.


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