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Narcotics charges can be tough — but you can answer them right back with the tough defense provided by Alpert Schreyer. Our Maryland drug offense attorneys are highly knowledgeable in criminal law with more than three decades of experience practicing law in Maryland. We are committed to protecting our clients Constitutional rights and providing them with an aggressive and complete defense in court. If you’re facing drugs or narcotics charges, call us today at 1-866-444-6363 or fill out our confidential online case evaluation form for a free consultation.

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As former prosecutors, the drug crime defense lawyers at Alpert Schreyer, LLC understand that law enforcement doesn’t always follow correct or ethical procedures when drugs are involved. We know when police need a search warrant and when evidence has been illegally obtained. We will use that knowledge to go through your case step by step, looking for facts that can get your charges dismissed or reduced. In marijuana cases, we may also be able to mount a medical defense. And if necessary, we will take our fight to defend your legal rights to trial.

At Alpert Schreyer, our Maryland drug crimes attorneys have represented defendants in drug cases ranging from simple possession to large trafficking cases. Types of drug cases we handle include:

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Drug crimes may be more common than you think. Federal government statistics show more people arrested for drug crimes than for any other federal crime. And the majority of those arrested are charged with possession, most often possession of marijuana. Those who are caught in Maryland face severe penalties, including thousands of dollars in fines, years or decades in federal prison and seizure of any property law enforcement thinks is related to the drugs. Federal charges come with high mandatory minimum sentences and limited chances for parole, even if the judge feels these are too harsh. And in the state, just possessing a certain amount of drugs is enough to get you charged with intent to distribute. In some cases, even inert counterfeit drugs, or possession of equipment that could be used to make drugs, may be enough to put you in prison.

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