DUI and Car Accidents

DUI and Car AccidentsDriving under the influence (DUI) and driving while impaired (DWI) are serious offenses in Maryland. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), between 2003 and 2012, 1,716 people were killed by a drunk driver in Maryland. If you are involved in an accident as a result of your DUI or DWI, the penalties become more severe.

If you’ve been arrested for DUI, it is very stressful, especially after a traumatic car accident. Not only do you face the repercussions in your criminal case, but you may also be liable for the property damage or injuries sustained by others.


The penalties for a DUI ticket are pretty harsh. The penalties you could face after a DUI that results in an accident include:

  • DUI Charge—even if the accident wasn’t your fault, if you were drunk driving you will still be charged with DUI of DWI
  • Reckless Driving—even if you don’t hurt someone and just cause minor property damage as the result of your DUI, you can still be given this charge. Penalties involve fines and 6 points on your license, so the consequences are serious
  • Assault—hitting someone with your car or your fist can result in an assault charge. If you hit a person or another car, and it appears that you intentionally drove towards them, you may end up with an assault charge.
  • Negligent Homicide—if someone dies as a result of an accident caused by your drunk driving, you could be charged with negligent homicide. This can result in jail time anywhere from 6 months to 10 years.
  • Civil Lawsuit—civil lawsuits don’t typically go well for drunk drivers. There can be significant physical and emotional damages that result from a serious accident, and you may be held liable for those damages.


If you’ve been charged with a DUI after a car accident, you need an experienced DUI attorney to help you through the process. The attorneys at Alpert Schreyer, will work hard to get you the best possible outcome. Contact us online or call us at (301) 494-9620 for a free consultation.

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