How a DUI Could Affect Your Future

Have you been charged with a DUI and considering hiring legal help? Learn how a DUI could affect your future in Maryland in this article.


How Can a DUI Affect My Future?


A DUI conviction can have devastating effects on one’s future. The collateral consequences from a DUI are often greater than that which actually happens in the courthouse and at the Motor Vehicle Administration. When considering whether to hire a DUI attorney and what type of an attorney you want, bear in mind what could potentially happen down the road and why it’s important to have a good attorney representing you.

For instance, people who have security clearances often find that they have to defend a DUI with much more intensity than that of someone who doesn’t have a security clearance. People who are high up in jobs often find that there’s a zero tolerance in their workplace for even being charged with a DUI let alone being convicted of a DUI offense. Those in the military face severe consequences as a result of not only being charged but potentially being convicted with a DUI. People who have student loans, people who are trying to get in professional school, doctors, lawyers, accountants, all have a great stake in vigorously defending their DUI case. It’s the collateral consequences that often have a great impact on their lives.

Have you been arrested for DUI in Maryland and nervous about how a DUI could affect your future?  Contact our experienced Maryland DUI attorneys to fight for you.

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