I-95 Car Crash Leaves One Dead, Two Hospitalized and Two Charged with DUI

TWO HOSPITALIZED AND TWO CHARGED WITH DUII-95 had a very eventful weekend with new PennDOT checkpoint in the Philadelphia area to enforce a ban on trucks weighing more than 5 tons causing a massive traffic jam.

Further down the pike in the Washington, DC area the I-95 story was grimmer.  A three-car collision on northbound Interstate 95 led to the death of one person, while two others are in shock trauma.

Just after 3 am Sunday morning the 24th, one car with three passengers pulled off the road onto the right shoulder of I-95 in Jessup, Maryland.  According to Maryland State Police, another car then struck the parked car and two passengers who had gotten out of the car appeared to retrieve a phone charger.

The driver of the parked car was ejected when the car overturned after the collision.  Shortly afterward, a third car then struck the driver of the first car who had been ejected.  The driver of the first car was pronounced dead at the scene.

The driver who initially hit the parked car was charged with DUI and manslaughter, while the third driver was charged with DUI as well.  Everyone involved in the crash was from Montgomery County and the two surviving passengers of the first car were taken to shock trauma for medical care.


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