Snaptheft: Social Media App Snapchat Leads to Car Theft Arrest

SNAPTHEFT: SOCIAL MEDIA APP SNAPCHAT LEADS TO CAR THEFT ARRESTEarlier this summer the Ocean City Police Department showed just how valuable social media can be in finding and arresting a car thief.

Social media platforms from Facebook to SnapChat have proven valuable over the past few years to police in making arrests and on July 16th SnapChat helped the OCPD when a 1994 Jeep Wrangler was reported stolen at Seacrets Bar and Grille on the 5000 block of Coastal Highway.

The stolen vehicle report was received at approximately 10:45 am and following an investigation, police officers determined that the vehicle was stolen by a male suspect at about 2:00 am that morning.  While police were not initially able to identify the suspect, they were able to locate the stolen vehicle in the vicinity of 37th Street in the late morning behind a condominium building.

Later that evening, officers were able to put together information from reviewing a Snapchat “story” posted by 24-year-old Brian S. Engelmann of Mystic Beach, New York, which led to his arrest at the scene of the crime, Seacrets.  Engelmann posted videos that included him stealing the vehicle and driving erratically to 37th Street, and police were able to use the videos to confirm Engelmann’s identity, ultimately leading to his arrest.

Engelmann was charged vehicle theft and numerous traffic violations including using a handheld phone while driving, negligent driving and driving with a suspended license.  He is currently being held at the Worcester County Jail on a $20,000 bond.

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