New Report Ranks Maryland One of Toughest DUI Penalty States

NEW REPORT RANKS MARYLAND ONE OF TOUGHEST DUI PENALTY STATESA new report released just last week has ranked Maryland among the states with the strongest laws against drunk driving.

This report comes less than two months after Noah’s Law went into effect in Maryland and at the beginning of the holiday season, where shopping traffic creates more congestion on highways and in both downtown and suburban areas.

The report ranked all 50 states and the District of Columbia with a 5-star system based on:

  • whether the jurisdictions require all offenders, including those convicted of a first-time offense, to install an interlock ignition device on their vehicles
  • the amount of high-profile law enforcement efforts against drunken driving, such as sobriety checkpoints and saturation patrols
  • whether the jurisdictions immediately suspend licenses or otherwise restrict driving privileges following a DUI arrest
  • penalties for drivers who refuse to submit to a breath test
  • whether the jurisdictions impose additional penalties on drunk drivers who had a child in the car with them at the time

The top 4 states in the report, released by Mothers Against Drunk Driving, are Mississippi, West Virginia, Arizona and Maryland with the toughest standards.  The bottom 5 states include Montana, Michigan, Rhode Island, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving has become a popular drinking holiday, especially among college students going home for Thanksgiving, being commonly referred to as “Drinksgiving” or “Blackout Wednesday” because of the heavy barhopping that occurs.

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