To Avoid Third DUI Arrest, Driver Fakes Seizure Police Say

TO AVOID THIRD DUI ARREST, DRIVER FAKES SEIZURE POLICE SAYAccording to Montgomery County Maryland police, a female driver fell to the floor and began convulsing after being taken to the Sixth District Station in Gaithersburg for processing. She was later loaded into an ambulance in what seemed to be an unconscious state, but officers stated that the seizure was simply a hoax used to avoid jail time.

The 40-year-old woman from Clarksburg has been charged by Gaithersburg Police with multiple traffic citations, obstructing and hindering, and reporting a false ambulance call, in addition to charges of DUI and second-degree assault.

On December 14th around 1:30 a.m., a Chevrolet Tahoe was spotted by police speeding over railroad tracks and scraping the bottom of the vehicle on the other side of the crossing. The vehicle then continued to roll through a red light before the officer pulled the SUV over.

According to the officer, the strong odor of alcohol became prevalent as he approached the driver’s side window. When questioned, the driver stated that she drank coffee and abstained from alcohol.

The officer then requested that the driver submit to a field sobriety test and to exit her vehicle at which point she became agitated, saying to the officer, “You already know I got two DUIs in the past, you looked it up.”

After being arrested, the driver told officers that she would not cooperate with processing until she was able to speak to her attorney. Shortly after, she dropped to the floor and began to convulse after claiming that she did not feel well. Her handcuffs were removed and 911 was called while she flailed on the ground, striking several officers in the process. After being loaded into the ambulance, she allegedly stated to an EMT, “Are they gone? This is my third DUI, I am not going to jail.” According to the medics, all of her readings appeared to be normal.

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