Duis Spike Over Spring Break and Summer

DUIS SPIKE OVER SPRING BREAK AND SUMMERSpring break passed recently, and Summer is here; most college students engaged in this rite of passage (Spring break) during the months of March and April, and many will enjoy themselves during the summer, as well. While many students head out-of-town to sunnier locales for the holiday, many students will simply take the week off at home. In a state like Maryland, not typically a spring break hotspot, there are still plenty of universities where students will be let loose after months of stressful exams, studying, and work. Unfortunately, what starts as an exciting vacation can end in tragedy. Now a speaker on the dangers of drunk driving, Mark Sterner was the “least drunk” among his friends on spring break several years ago and crashed the vehicle. He was fortunate to survive, but three of his best friends were not so lucky, all losing their lives in the accident.

Traffic accident rates spike between February and April in popular spring break destinations, and fatalities can be as much as 9 percent higher during the vacation season. Many of these accidents are the result of impaired driving. The CDC reported that one out of three drivers with BAC levels of 0.08 percent or higher involved in fatal crashes in 2013 were between the ages of 21 and 24. Do not let driving under the influence ruin your vacation, or worse, your life.

Spring Break and Summer Holiday Don’ts

  • Do not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Even if you are the least impaired of your friends, you are still putting your life and your friends’ lives in danger if you choose to drive drunk. Remember that “tipsy” driving is the same as drunk driving.
  • Do not text and drive. Distracted driving causes thousands of fatal accidents every year and is just as dangerous as drunk driving.
  • Avoid driving near crowded beaches or bars, especially late at night, as other drivers may be impaired and cause you to be involved in an accident.
  • Do not drink past your limits if you choose to drink alcohol. Not only does this increase your risk of causing an auto accident, but also increases your risk of engaging in other dangerous and risky behaviors.
  • Do not allow your friends to drive drunk, and never get in a vehicle with someone you know has been drinking.

Spring Break and Summer Holiday Dos

  • Commit to having a designated driver, or plan to walk or take a taxi. Ride-share companies like Uber or Lyft often provide free or discounted rides during peak dangerous times like spring break.
  • Plan ahead. Once you have even one drink, your judgment will not be the same as it is when you are sober. Do not compromise your future by failing to plan ahead for how you will get home.
  • Be responsible. Know your limits, and if you choose to drink alcohol, stay within those limits.
  • Report drunk or impaired drivers. Saving someone’s life is far more important than temporarily upsetting them by calling the police.
  • Drive defensively and stay alert to reduce your risk of a collision with an impaired driver.

If You Are In An Accident

Despite all precautions, accidents may still happen. If you are involved in a car crash or charged with a DUI, the experienced attorneys at Alpert Schreyer, LLC can help. Call us today for a free case evaluation to discuss your case.

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