Recent Drug Arrests — St. Mary’s County

Recent Drug Arrests — St. Mary's County

As reported by, detectives recently received a report that a Mechanicsville man was involved in the distribution of crack cocaine. Undercover purchases were successfully made leading to the suspect being indicted and arrested. The accused was held without bond upon arrest.

Detectives reportedly observed a male suspect, age 30, from Mechanicsville distribute tablets to another male, age 17, in a local business’ parking lot. The Oxycodone tablets that were allegedly exchanged along with the money were recovered, as was a prescription that had been altered. The subject who distributed the tablets was arrested and charged. Charges are pending against the male juvenile who received the tablets during the transaction.

A Piney Point area traffic stop was conducted by Captain Daniel Alioto, who was off duty at the time, and contact was made with the driver. Captain Alioto detected the odor of burnt marijuana. A vehicle search uncovered a smoking device, an amount of marijuana, and several oxycodone tablets. The suspect was charged with drug possession upon the arrival of the Vice Narcotics Support Team Deputy.

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